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Zenbev Essentials

Zenbev är en helt naturlig dryckesblandning gjord av pumpafrösmjöl och andra livsmedelsingredienser i en egen formulering som utvecklats av en läkare och som hjälper dig att hålla dig lugn, fokuserad och sova naturligt, utan onödiga bieffekter.

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"Zenbev Reduces Sleeplessness Study Shows"

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Zenbev är unikt

Vår kliniskt beprövade formulering har utvecklats av en läkare med din hälsa i åtanke för att främja sömnen på ett naturligt sätt. Zenbev är effektivt, icke vanebildande och har inga biverkningar eller risk för beroende.

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Vad våra kunder säger

  • "I have been taking Zenbev for a year. I am waking up less often, and when I do wake up, I am able to fall back asleep. I feel better during the day. I am able to exercise regularly. I am making healthy choices with food, and I know it is all because I have had a good nights sleep. Thank you Zenbev!"

    — Heather S.

  • "Ever since I entered peri-menopause I have been struggling to get a sound sleep. I had trouble both falling and staying asleep. I tried all kind of natural remedies but none helped me. My doctor prescribed me sleeping pill which I am not comfortable taking. Then I came across Zenbev and thought of trying it. It is my life savior, I am now getting my beauty sleep and wake up well rested which is so important to face the day. And the Customer Care is Excellent, they are very prompt and courteous."

    — Sandeep Bhatia

  • "I struggled with always feeling sluggish in the morning even after getting a full six to eight hours of sleep, so I started taking ZenBev. ZenBev was the right choice. I felt comfortable consuming the product as it is a natural alternative to most sleeping products out there. It also improved my quality of sleep and it is a relaxing thing to drink before bed to get me into a routine of sleep. I don’t waste more then 15 mins trying to fall asleep now and I wake up ready to start my day."

    — Randi P

  • "I started with Chocolate recently, and I LOVE IT! I am sleeping better, waking refreshed. ZenBev has made such a difference. I'm even finding it easier to lose weight. I recently placed a reorder and was notified that they were temporarily out of stock and would I consider trying Lemon flavour, risk free. OK, why not? Getting a personified service is rare in these days of the "bot". Wow. Great flavour. I was making a chocolate, ZenBev smoothie, in the evenings, as a "treat" kicking up the flavour with alternative milk, vanilla and sweetening with a little stevia. The lemon is like a lemon meringue smoothie. I'm still mixing with alternative milk and sweetening, plus adding a few drops of lemon juice for a bit of zing or adding half a banana for richness. It's a fabulous evening treat that's good for me. LOVE IT! Thank you ZenBev."

    — Dana Gudelis

  • "I have been taking Zenbev for a year. I am waking up less often, and when I do wake up, I am able to fall back asleep. I feel better during the day. I am able to exercise regularly. I am making healthy choices with food, and I know it is all because I have had a good nights sleep. Thank you Zenbev!"

    — Heather S.

  • "I use this product when my sleep cycle is disrupted - which can be often - given the varying demands on my schedule. The sleep is comfortable and restful and I wake up feeling fresh and rejuvenated. I don't feel groggy and leaden in the morning as can be the case with many other sleep supplements. My 80 year old parents use this often and they find it very useful. Typically I have it in a lemon & ginger tea or in a yogurt mix. This is a wonderful product. (Please follow the instructions and it will work very well)"

    — Gaurav , Ontario. Canada.

  • "I have tried everything. Sleeping pills (which I don't like and afraid of long term side effects), melatonin (absolutely no affect on me), went to a sleep clinic (they don't know why I keep waking up. The sleep clinic prescribed tetracycline capsules of which I had to work up to 7 per day. They helped but the cost was $300/mth. One day, I tripped up ZenBev and thought I would give it a try. It's key ingredient is tetracycline and far more affordable. THIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING! I'm sleeping much more soundly, waking less often (actually slept through a full night once so far, recently). I LOVE IT! I have it in the evening as a "treat". I mix it with an alternative milk (cashew is on the ration this week), add a little vanilla and sweeten with stevia or monk fruit sweetener. Whirl it up in the blender with a little ice on hot summer nights and it's like a milkshake. the best part is waking up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead. Plus, the customer service it bar none. Fabulous company. Fabulous product."

    — Dana Gudelis

  • "I always slept well until I entered perimenopause. Once I entered perimenopause I often woke up in the middle of the night and had great difficulty going back to sleep, which I found quite debilitating. I am not opposed to using medication but, wherever possible, I prefer to use non-pharmaceutical remedies. Zenbev has become a very important part of my good sleep hygiene routine and has greatly contributed to an improvement in the quality of my sleep. I enjoy it as a warm beverage before bed and love that I wake up in the morning feeling like I have had a good sleep without any lingering drowsiness."

    — Kathryn L.

  • "I've been using Zenbev for more than a decade. Whenever I've hit a patch of having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, I've reached for my trusted friend. Lemon is my favourite. I mix it with a little less water and let it sit for 20 minutes before I take it. It's my bedtime smoothie. Yes, it's organic, physician developed and all natural. That's fantastic. But you know what's even more fantastic? It works!"

    — Maureen N

  • "I am a senior and was a good sleeper until about 3 months ago. For some reason, I started having trouble sleeping and along with this problem had a type of restless leg syndrome. I would get up and walk around trying to remedy the situation to no avail. Someone suggested to me to try Zenbev so I bought a container. I mixed a scoop of it with 300ml of water and took it every night an hour before going to bed. I did this for 3 weeks to get it into my system and then scaled back to 5 nights on and 2 nights off. It is amazing how it has worked so well! I now sleep through every night and have no restless leg syndrome. I would recommend Zenbev to anyone putting up with the same symptoms that I had."

    — Bob J.

  • "I first heard of ZenBev years ago from Dr. Susan Lark, who is a nationally-known holistic medical doctor. I have been using it ever since, and I really like it. My favorite is the chocolate flavor, which I mix with almond milk and drink before I go to bed. It tastes great, and I really like it be because it is natural and non-habit-forming!"

    — Lauren Smith

  • "I have been taking Zenbev with great success. I take it an hour before bed which helps me relax, and prepares me for a restful sleep. I am so glad it is a natural product with no side effects."

    — Jean S.

  • "Since adding one scoop of Zenbev to my nighttime routine, I've definitely noticed that it is easier to fall asleep and that I do not worry as much about the need to sleep."

    — Anonymous


Så vad finns i Zenbev?

Zenbev drinkblandning är ett ekologiskt sömnmedel tillverkat av pumpafrön. De ekologiska pumpafrönnen kallpressas för att avlägsna oljan och blandas i en pulverformulering som främjar sömn och lindrar ångest naturligt. Kliniskt bevisat att det främjar en naturlig och hälsosam sömn.

Och hur fungerar det?

  1. Naturligt tryptofan från pumpaflora ger dig de rätta aminosyrorna som du behöver få från maten
  2. + B-vitaminkälla och strategisk kolhydrat kombineras i denna formulering för att strömma till rätt del av hjärnan
  3. + naturligt ljus för att stimulera din naturliga serotoninproduktion; ELLER + mörka förhållanden för att stimulera ditt naturliga melatonin
  4. = lugn och sömn på det sätt som naturen och näringen har avsett

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