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Zenbev Essentials

Zenbev is an all-natural beverage mix made from pumpkin seed flour and other food ingredients in a proprietary formulation developed by a physician that helps you stay calm, focused and sleep naturally, without undue side-effects.

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"Zenbev Reduces Sleeplessness Study Shows"

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Zenbev is unique

Our clinically proven formulation is developed by a physician with your health in mind to promote sleep naturally. Zenbev is effective, non-habit forming, and has no side-effects or risk of dependence.

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What our customers say

  • "Hi – I have been using Zenbev for many years now. As I get on in years, I have found it more difficult to sleep. My son introduced me to the product and it has made a big difference to my sleep pattern, allowing me to sleep deeper and longer. I am also reassured that this is a fully natural product, with no side effects. I continue to sleep much better as a result of Zenbev and look forward to using it for many years."

    — Bernadette Murphy


So what’s in Zenbev?

Zenbev Drink Mix is an all-natural sleep aid made from pumpkin seeds. The organic pumpkin seeds are cold pressed to remove the oil and blended into a powder formulation that promotes sleep and eases anxiety naturally. It’s been clinically proven to promote a natural and healthy sleep.

And how does it work?

  1. Natural tryptophan from pumpkinseed flour provides the right amino acids you need to get from food
  2. + Vitamin B source and strategic carbohydrate combine in this formulation to surge to the correct part of the brain
  3. + natural light to stimulate your natural serotonin production; OR + dark conditions to stimulate your natural melatonin
  4. = calm and sleep the way nature and nutrition intended

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