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Les essentiels Zenbev

Zenbev est un mélange à boisson entièrement naturel à base de farine de graines de citrouille et d’autres ingrédients alimentaires dans une formule exclusive développée par un médecin qui vous aide à rester calme, concentré et à dormir naturellement, sans effets secondaires excessifs.

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"Zenbev Reduces Sleeplessness Study Shows"

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Zenbev est unique

Notre formule cliniquement prouvée est développée par un médecin pensant à votre santé pour favoriser le sommeil naturel. Zenbev est efficace, ne crée pas d’accoutumance et n’a pas d’effets secondaires ni de risque de dépendance.

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Alors, qu’y a-t-il dans Zenbev?

Le mélange à boisson Zenbev est un somnifère entièrement naturel à base de graines de citrouille. Les graines de citrouille biologiques sont pressées à froid pour éliminer l’huile et mélangées dans une formule en poudre qui favorise le sommeil et soulage naturellement l’anxiété. Il a été cliniquement prouvé que Zenbev favorise un sommeil naturel et sain.

Et comment ça marche?

  1. Le tryptophane naturel provenant de la farine de graines de citrouille fournit les bons acides aminés dont vous avez besoin d’obtenir de sources alimentaires
  2. + La source de vitamine B et les glucides stratégiques se combinent dans cette formule pour atteindre la bonne partie du cerveau
  3. + La lumière naturelle pour stimuler votre production naturelle de sérotonine; OU + des conditions sombres pour stimuler votre mélatonine naturelle
  4. = Calme et sommeil comme la nature et la nutrition l’ont prévu

Plus à découvrir sur notre blog!

  • Pumpkin Spice Steamer

    In honour of autumn and all things pumpkin and spice this October, we’ve created the ultimate treat that’s guaranteed to keep you relaxed and cozy all season long: our Zenbev Pumpkin Spice Steamer!

    This drink is brimming with deep pumpkin and spice flavours, warm vanilla notes and mixed with a hint of creamy chocolate from Zenbev that will keep you coming back for more.

    Start every day with a natural boost of serotonin and pumpkin spice goodness, on us!

    You will need:

    • Blender or Whisk
    • Pan
    • Measuring Cup/Spoons


    • Whipped Cream 1/3 cup
    • Canned Pumpkin Puree 1 1/4 Cups
    • Sea Salt / Table Salt 1/16 Tsp
    • Chocolate Zenbev 2 Tbsps
    • Pumpkin Pie Spice 2 Tbsps
    • Vanilla Extract 1 Tbsps
    • Milk of Choice 4-5 Cups
    • Brown Sugar 1/3 Cup


    1. Combine all of your ingredients in a bowl or cup except Zenbev.
    2. Blend the liquid together, ensuring there are no big clumps of the ingredients left behind and make it as smooth as possible.
    3. Next, pour the mixture in a pan and turn the stove on to low or low-medium heat. We want the pan to get hot enough to simmer but not too hot that the liquid is boiling
    4. Once the pan is simmering add your Zenbev and mix with a whisk or spoon, making sure it is fully incorporated and smooth (the liquid may change to a slightly darker orange because of the colour of Zenbev Chocolate but that is normal!)
    5. The liquid may get slightly thicker here so feel free to add more milk until you reach your desired consistency.
    6. Next, pour the liquid in to your favourite mug.
    7. Top with a generous helping of whipped cream (if you like) and a sprinkle of pumpkin spice.
    8. Serve immediately and enjoy!
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  • Are You Prepared for Shorter Days?

    Leaves are starting to fall, days are getting shorter, nights cooler. To some people, this brings a refreshing exhilaration as new school years begin and work takes on a more serious edge. To others, however, this time of the year makes them worry about a looming, serious mood disturbance brought on by the change in seasons.


    Seasonal Affective Disorder or, as it is commonly referred to, SAD, is a serious diagnosis that has gained increasing attention over the last decade. According to Psychology Today, “Seasonal Affective Disorder…is a type of recurrent major depressive disorder in which episodes of depression occur during the same season each year. This condition is sometimes called the “winter blues,” because the most common seasonal pattern is for depressive episodes to appear in the fall or winter and remit in the spring.” More than just a passing sadness though, SAD is a form of depression which can cause harm if left untreated.


    The season for SAD falls in the autumn and winter months. As the sun shows itself less and less with each week, many of those prone to Seasonal Affective Disorder begin to notice symptoms consistent with depression. The criteria to be diagnosed with SAD requires that one experiences depression coinciding with a specific season (including summer) for two or more years.


    The primary cause of SAD is unknown. However, there are a few variables that increase the risk of developing symptoms. These include: living far away from the equator, a much higher rate of SAD in females, family history of SAD or, previous bipolar or depressive disorders. With complex mental ailments, there can be a variety of factors at play. If you have noticed symptoms consistent with descriptions of Seasonal Affective Disorder, understand that it is a valid and serious disorder that requires just as much attention as a physical injury.


    Treatments for seasonal affective disorder include but are not limited to: light therapy, medication, vitamin D and psychotherapy. Many people have noticed improvement with regular use of strategic light. Light therapy is a unique process that attempts to make up for the daily loss of sunlight. Typically, an electrical device that emits the required amount of 10,000 lux is used for half an hour in the morning to introduce the right kind of light to the retina. Most commonly, these devices which are available for purchase in most pharmacies, involve a bank of lights that you sit in front of for a set, regular block of time. Light therapy is non-invasive and demonstrates clinically proven effectiveness.

    Focus on Light Therapy

    Light therapy can work as effectively as antidepressants. Like most mental health interventions, these devices aren’t appropriate for all sufferers of Seasonal Affective Disorder and one should consult a medical professional regarding its use. New research is being conducted on this topic all the time. A very interesting study was recently published by a Japanese research group which demonstrated that at tryptophan-rich breakfast combined with light therapy in the morning helped increase natural melatonin production at night. So not only does light therapy help with daytime mood but under the right circumstances it can help both day and night.

    When searching for techniques to help sleep and anxiety, Zenbev Drink Mix should never be far from mind. Zenbev provides a natural boost in tryptophan which can also assist with the alleviation of SAD symptoms. Consider the Better Mood Bundle which combines the best natural sleep aid with a light therapy device for one very low price. Natural sleep remedies like Zenbev can work alone or in conjunction with light therapy to boost your body’s own serotonin and melatonin production in a natural way. These proven methods for combating SAD are at your fingertips. Don’t delay!  Prepare for winter now with the help of Zenbev.


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  • Cheapest Sleep Fix

    What is the simplest, least expensive way to improve your sleep?  Invest in an old-fashioned alarm clock. Yup, the kind with two arms that tell the time (a long and short if your memory needs a jog) and a thing that folds out to wind it up in the back. No batteries required, no digital lighting, just the sound of a gentle tick, tick, tick that will lull you to sleep in no time.

    When you get into bed with your phone right beside you so many things are going on that can disturb your sleep. Even on silent mode, your phone can vibrate when emails come in or notifications go off. Try as you might to juggle all the complex settings of your smart phone, screens likewise light up if certain notifications are allowed causing a bright glow in your sleep space until it eventually fades again. It’s almost like they are designed to keep you up and engaged.

    Have you ever had this happen?  Someone crosses your mind and within the next minute they text or call you?  We can’t explain it but some people are so tuned in with loved ones that there can be this subliminal communication going on, also delivered by these communication devices we can’t seem to be without. That’s great when you’re awake but if your telepathic friend lives halfway around the world, your brain may also be picking up on these cues when you sleep with your phone right beside you, interrupting the natural sleep cycles your brain needs.

    Best sleep advice: put your cell phone and tablet in a different room to where you sleep. Set up a tech corner away from your bed chamber where you can charge your devices and put them to bed before you put yourself to bed. While it is convenient to use your cellphone as your alarm, it is not the only way to start your day. That old fashioned alarm clock will do the job and nothing else -which is exactly what you need.

    If you are looking for the cheapest way to enhance your sleep this is it. If your sleep issue is affecting your quality of life and you are at the point where you wish to make a greater investment in healthy sleep, look no further than Zenbev Drink Mix. Zenbev is the best natural sleep aid. Zenbev is a food powder created and tested by a physician. It is the best over the counter sleep aid there is. It really works to put you to sleep naturally and has no side effects.  Zenbev is not cheap but it’s not expensive either when you consider the gains to your quality of sleep, mood, overall physical health and wellbeing. When you are ready to consider natural sleep supplements, Zenbev is the very best sleep aid supplement and you can take that to the bank.

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