What You Wear To Bed Affects How Well You Sleep

October 02, 2020

There are numerous schools of thought when it comes to night clothes. Some prefer to wear a set of pajamas, others go with the underwear route, and of course there’s the “au naturale” method. Whichever of these categories you may fall into, there are a few studies that have concluded what you should and shouldn’t wear for bedtime. We will dive into these a little more in-depth for the sake of your comfort!

The Importance of Heat

No matter what you choose to sleep in, it can’t be denied that your skin requires a certain level of comfort for optimal sleep latency (the time it takes to fall asleep). There are temperatures that are perfect for sleep (60-67 degrees fahrenheit, specifically) and everyone should aim to reach these.

Of course, nobody is going to install a thermometer on their bedside table so the best course of action is to ditch any unbreathable fabrics. Overheating is the enemy of sleep, as surely anyone who has lived through a hot summer night can attest to. To avoid this, only wear fabrics such as cotton, fleece, silk and linen that fit loosely if you’re adamant about wearing pajamas.

Ditch the Underwear

Probably the most common, underwear is a seemingly innocent choice for night clothes. The issue with underwear lies in the hygiene side of sleep. Underwear, specifically tight underwear can cause bacteria to breed in the affected area. Women are especially prone to infection from tight underwear so it is recommended that anyone looking to rock their boxers before bed uses breathable and loose-fitting selections.

Birthday Suit is Best

If you’re on the fence about which method to go with, why not sleep the way nature intended us to? For those that are comfortable sleeping nude, it can be considered one of the best options. Any difficulty with irritation and overheating is thrown out the window and replaced with a rare sense of freedom.

The upside to sleeping nude is the option for thermoregulation through blankets. It’s difficult to manage heat when sleeping in pajamas, so the only frequent hazard for sleeping nude is the opposite: too cold. The perfect combination of birthday suit and blanket can help you reach the optimal temperature for sleep.

Of course, sleeping in the nude isn’t for everyone. This is why it’s up to you to determine what is best for your level of comfort. These are just a few things to keep in mind when making your decision. Sleep is a valuable and often mistreated aspect of our lives. Make sure you’re making the steps to aid the process as much as you can. Even through something that seems as trivial as bedtime clothing!