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Why Zenbev?

See How Zenbev Can Help You

Zenbev is a food powder, not a pill

Looking for natural sleep remedies and natural anxiety remedies? Take charge of your anxiety and insomnia issues with Zenbev. Zenbev gives back your day and night!

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Scientifically formulated anxiety sleep aid

After many years of research to work within natural brain chemistry to coax the normal processes of the body to do what it is they were designed to do – activate your own calming and sleeping mechanisms.

Zenbev is Unique

Zenbev stands alone in the pack. Zenbev is unique enough that it has a US patent. Compared to other natural sleep remedies and natural anxiety remedies, Zenbev is efficient and effective at mimicking what the body and what food should be doing to promote natural sleep and reduce anxiety. The key is the unique formulation that is based on good science and nutrition. Natural sleep remedies and natural anxiety remedies should be gentle but that does not mean Zenbev is weak. The delicate formulation of Zenbev is such that food ingredients are concentrated and combined in such a way to provide a powerful impact that works in concert with body, brain and nutritional chemistry.

Zenbev works with the light. naturally.

Zenbev is light sensitive which means it works in different ways depending on the availability of light. This is not a night vs day thing but a light vs dark response. You don’t have to do anything because your body does this naturally, an anxiety sleep aid that works gently in concert with your body and brain. The scientifically derived and tested formulation of Zenbev delivers a food source of tryptophan from pumpkinseeds in a formulation that knows where it needs to go to metabolize to serotonin and melatonin. In normal light conditions serotonin is a natural calming agent your body produces. When the lights go out, the serotonin automatically metabolizes to melatonin which turns on your body’s sleep switch.

Zenbev is ideal for almost everybody!

Zenbev is ideal for shift workers, students, new parents, parents of teens, those with episodic stress, the elderly, those experiencing work stress, women going through menopause, those who have suffered for years with sleep and anxiety issues, in fact anyone who needs an anxiety sleep aid and prefers to consume products that are as natural as possible. Zenbev is not recommended for those under age 16. Despite the fact that Zenbev is made with all natural ingredients, it is formulated to actively and effectively pulse the tryptophan in your system, almost like the power of a drug but without the side effects to adults. No testing of this formulation has been conducted on children to date so it is safer to not recommend to those under 16 until it can be regarded as completely safe for them.

Zenbev is…

Zenbev is a powdered drink mix that provides a food-based source of natural tryptophan.

Zenbev comes in 2 flavors and can be mixed with the beverage of your choise.

Zenbev is light sensitive, and works differently during the night and the day – At night, it stimulates your natural melatonin production.

Take Zenbev ½ and hour before bed for a natural sleep with no side effects! Wake up feeling refreshed and well rested / not drowsy

Take Zenbev during the day to stimulate natural serotonin production

Zenbev has been medically formulated to provide a food source of tryptophan from pumpkinseeds in a formulation that your body turns into natural serotonin melatonin.

Zenbev Health benefits

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