Pandemic Days Mean Better Nights for Some

August 14, 2020

We’ve touched upon the concept of “COVIDSomnia” in previous blogs, however what about those who report improved sleep quality in the midst of the pandemic? There are a few demographics who may find the lock down measures to be relieving. Among these are students according to Ken Wright of the Sleep and Chronobiology Laboratory at the University of Colorado Boulder. Wright found that students under lockdown measures were given the opportunity to receive their recommended amount of sleep at night compared to before. The percentage of students reaching the 7-hour sleep mark rose from 84% to 92% since the lockdown started


Another group to breathe a sigh of relief with quarantine are introverts. Those who prefer the comfort of isolation can appreciate a government order to stay home more than any other. When leaving the house is a stressful enough task, sometimes a break from the routine can offer some peace once in a while.


While these groups discussed are enjoying some benefits from the unfortunate reality currently unfolding, many others are experiencing unprecedented sleep interruptions from anxiety and stress caused by the Coronavirus situation. If you’ve searched for methods to alleviate these problems, Kelly Baron from University of Utah Health advises to stick to a schedule, and limit media exposure in the evening hours.


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