Beauty and Sleep are Skin Deep

January 22, 2023

The term ‘beauty sleep’ isn’t just an old-fashioned saying. It’s not unusual to be shocked when looking in the mirror after a sleepless night. The bags under the eyes, and the inflamed or dehydrated skin make us all painfully aware that we’re in for a rough day. Unfortunately, it’s not just you: researchers have discovered that sleep-deprived subjects were perceived as less approachable, attractive and rested compared to their balanced sleep subjects. This leads us to ask the question: where is the link? What kind of impact does our healthy natural sleep, or lack of it, have on our skin health and appearance? When is it time to turn to a natural sleep aid like Zenbev? Here’s what you need to know.

Skin’s Barrier Performance

After one night of being kept awake, subjects in a 2017 study had impaired skin barrier function. One would expect as much after prolonged sleep interruption, but effects were demonstrated almost immediately. In the case of skin properties alone, other effects are listed as: facial pore size, and skin tone, hydration, elasticity, desquamation, trans-lucency, and blood flow.” There’s a lot going on under our skin that shows up on our face.

Beauty Sleep Versus Lack of Sleep

The impacts transcend skin health. Our face is our first and lasting impression. Natural sleep demonstrably and unconsciously affects the face we present to the public each day. Another study demonstrated that fatigue causes a notable difference in facial features commonly correlated with sleep loss such as, droopy/hanging eyelids, red eyes, dark circles under the eyes, and pale skin”. The research also points to other possible social consequences. Those experiencing sleep deprivation could be flagged as making the negative impression of being fatigued at the workplace. The results also suggest that attending to these facial areas is a possible strategy to avoid mistakenly coming across as fatigued. It makes sense to get to the source of the issue. Instead of “cover up”, get ahead of that sleep issue and seek out the best natural sleep aid.

Natural Sleep Remedies to the Rescue

Results such as these make a case for the importance of discussions regarding adequate sleep in the dermatology field. Not only does paying attention to the relationship between the two aid people in maintaining a good appearance, but it also provides long-term solutions for managing skin health and aging. After all, adequate sleep at night is implicated in obtaining optimal DNA repair activity in the skin. A proven, effective solution that creates healthy sleep naturally is Zenbev Drink Mix. It is easy on the body and produces no side effects. Improving sleep with a natural sleep aid only has an upside, inside and out.

How much is Enough Natural Sleep?

Anyone hoping to achieve this may ask how much sleep is considered adequate for such results. There is no magic number for the general public since sleep recommendations vary from each individual. However, the National Sleep Foundation has issued a list of recommended hours based on an individual’s age range. It recommends 7-9 hours for the majority of adults ranging from ages 18-64 and 7-8 hours for older adults (65+).

Take Back Sleep and Skin Health

An assumption that adequate sleep is necessary for nearly all activities cannot hurt. Hopefully, this article contributes to the notion that a healthy life is dependent on a balance in all elements of our routine, especially sleep. Paying attention to natural sleep recommendations can help in appearance, health, and emotional well-being, all of which significantly contribute to attractiveness. If your sleep is disrupted and you are looking for a totally natural sleep aid to assist, interventions such as Zenbev Drink Mix should be explored to restore balance in the body’s natural health and beauty.