How long should one jar last?2020-11-30T16:33:29-05:00

One 250g jar provides 25 servings and should last between 3-4 weeks, assuming a dosage of 1 scoop per day. You may need to take more at the beginning depending on the severity of your sleep problem. Once you notice the effect you can begin to taper down and take on an intermittent schedule (see next question).

Can I use it every day or night?2020-11-30T16:34:40-05:00

Yes. There is no harm in taking Zenbev everyday or night, however, it may not be necessary as there is a positive effect felt for a few days after you stop using it. The best rule of thumb is that it takes a few doses before its optimal benefit is seen and it continues to work for a few days/nights after it was last taken. One way of optimizing this benefit is to take the mix for 5 days/nights and then stop it for 2 days/nights. Once your sleep problem is under control it is easy to stop and may not be necessary to remain taking indefinitely.

Does Zenbev have any side effects?2020-11-30T16:35:38-05:00

Zenbev has no side effects as it is a completely natural product that works with your body, not against. Please note, it does take about 30 minutes for the circulating melatonin to become inactive after the sun rises or lights are turned on. During that time there may be drowsiness, which subsides upon exposure to light and does not interfere with daytime functioning.

Is Zenbev a drug?2020-11-30T16:36:40-05:00

No. It is an all-natural food made from organic pumpkinseeds, dextrose, guar gum, rice starch, and natural flavour.

Is there a risk of becoming dependent on Zenbev to fall asleep?2020-11-30T16:39:50-05:00

No. Almost all sleep drugs are associated with either dependence or tolerance because they synthetically override the brain’s natural sleep chemistry. Zenbev does not cause dependence or tolerance because it works within the brain’s natural sleep chemistry and maintains the body’s normal processes as recognized food ingredients. You can stop Zenbev at anytime with no ill effects.

Why doesn’t Zenbev dissolve in water?2020-11-30T16:41:02-05:00

Zenbev is like protein powder in that it blends or mixes with the liquid of your choice rather than dissolving like a tea. This may make it a bit of work to stir, but don’t worry, that’s why we include our Zenbev Shaker cup with all Starter Specials to effortlessly mix up your favourite Zenbev drink! Whisking with a fork works well in a pinch, too.

How To Use Zenbev

Take Zenbev Drink Mix at night for insomnia, and in the morning for relief of anxiety symptoms.

Start with 1 scoop for three nights. Mix with warm water or your favorite non-caffeinated beverage. Chocolate Zenbev should be mixed in milk, rice milk, soy milk or almond milk for optimal taste. For those who are avoiding liquids before bed, mix with applesauce check out some of our recipes.

Take one half hour before bedtime and do something calming and relaxing (i.e. not mentally stimulating) before retiring to bed. After three nights increase the dosage by half a scoop allowing three more nights to achieve the desired effect. Continue to increase as necessary. Two scoops are usually sufficient for most people, however some individuals require more. Individual requirements are not directly associated with Body Mass, each person’s biochemistry is different.

It usually takes a few doses before its optimal benefit is seen and it continues to work for a few days/nights after it was last taken. One way of optimizing this benefit is to take Zenbev for 5-7 days/nights and then stop it for 2-3 days/nights before resuming again in a similar pattern.

Zenbev can be taken safely on a daily basis and may also be discontinued at any time. Make sure you are taking a B-complex multivitamin as tryptophan will metabolize to vitamin B3 if your body may be deficient.

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To overcome insomnia with Zenbev, remember to also take these 5 simple steps to recover your sleep:

  • Sleep in a dark room
  • Remove televisions, radios and computers from bedroom
  • Sleep in a room with a comfortable room temperature
  • Maintain regular sleep hours
  • Take a daily multivitamin that contains B3 & B6

If you have any questions please get in contact with us at:

Money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied. We recommend that you try Zenbev for 10 days to give your system a chance to respond.


“My sleep has improved in ways I never thought possible and my anxiety is also manageable. I no longer take sleep medication or anxiety meds…You have a great product! I will be a customer for life.”

Alex T.

“I have enjoyed nearly perfect sleep since my use of your product. I restored sleep in less than 2 weeks. It is truly a sleep aid in that it helped me until I could help myself.”

Paul N.

“Two years ago, my husband was diagnosed with cancer at the base of his tongue. The following months were filled with weeks of radiation treatments and chemotherapy and then the long wait for the results. I was already dealing with menopausal sleep changes and, with the tremendous stress and worry of cancer to deal with, a good night’s sleep became a real challenge. Thank heavens for Zenbev! A dose in the morning kept me positive even on the worst days, and my nightly dose allowed me to get enough hours of deep sleep to cope with the next day. I know that I would have lain awake worrying about the future without it. The good news is that my husband has been cancer-free for more than a year and life has returned to normal. I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful product!”

Fiona H.

“My husband has Parkinson’s disease, and first it was the trouble falling asleep. Zenbev came to the rescue. We have put Joe to sleep with Zenbev ever since I saw your ad on my computer. But, now, he’s had daytime problems, too. His disposition is fine in the morning, but the afternoons are bad and getting worse. My doctor said, “Why don’t you use that “natural stuff” you use at night?” Voila! Why didn’t I think of that? Zenbev is a 24 hour helpmate that keeps him happy in the daytime and asleep at night!”

Loretta B.

“I have not slept well for quite a while. I was discussing with my MD as I needed to get sleep as the lack was affecting my day to day life. My MD suggested ZENBEV I went out the next day and bought lemon and chocolate. I have been sleeping soundly ever since. I now get up with the birds and feel GREAT!!! I have suggested it to my brother sister and mom and am going out today to pick it up for them to try. I cannot believe how great I feel. I am starting to lose weight as well due to the fact I am not running on only adrenalin now. THANK YOU ZENBEV!!!! I want a lifetime supply of this. I am a huge promoter!!”

Jaqueline R.

“I’m a long time insomnia sufferer and I prefer to use natural products and not medications. I have used prescription medications but you can’t use them for long. From the first time I used Zenbev I noticed that it helped me feel more relaxed and sleepy and it has definitely helped me to fall asleep faster which has always been my main issue. As a chocolate lover I enjoy the light chocolate flavour. Since it’s an all natural product I feel confident recommending it to my friends.”

Christine S.

“I’ve been using Zenbev for a few years now. I find it really relaxes me and helps me to fall and stay asleep. This is a wonderful product. I love their products so much, I keep buying them. Congratulations on your winning formulas, Biosential!”

Jeff D.
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