Serious about Sleep

april 17, 2024

You tend to get pretty sober about sleep when you start to read the scientific literature around how important it is not just for emotional health and productivity, but for physical health as well. We can’t ignore the proliferation of studies that detail how bad sleep literally takes years off your life.

Natural Sleep with Zenbev

We created Zenbev Drink Mix to provide an alternative to sleep medications almost 20 years ago, but the world has only gotten busier and the channels of communication more complicated. If you are concerned about your health, be sure to put healthy sleep at the top of your list for improvement. We’re going to look at some Meta analyses to demonstrate why this is important now.

What is a Meta-Analysis?

A Meta-Analysis is a wide ranging study that looks at scholarly journal articles in a particular topic. The authors review and weed out weak papers based on study design or small sample size or questionable analysis. They zero in on the strong, well constructed papers and pull out important points that point to conclusions that are powerful. A Meta-Analysis such as this was conducted on sleep research to do with length of sleep hours and how that affects other health conditions.

Length of sleep and Health

A Meta-Analysis published in the journal Sleep out of the University of Warwick Medical School in the UK looked back to journal data bases from 1966 to the time of their study. They zeroed in on mortality risk and found that those who slept routinely between 6-8 hours per night did not show a significant rise in mortality, but those who consistently slept more and less did. Those who slept 9+ hours demonstrated higher mortality, likely as they had underlying health conditions. Those who slept 5 hours consistently were 12% more likely to die in comparison. “Indirect evidence seems to suggest to date that sustained sleep deprivation may trigger biological mechanisms contribut­ing to the deterioration of health status, whereas long duration of sleep may be a powerful additional marker of ill-health.”

Extend your Sleep Time

If you routinely sleep less than 6 hours a night, Zenbev is a powerful tool to help you extend your sleep. Taken a half hour before bed each night, it will help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and help you get right back to sleep should you awake in the night. All the while, Zenbev uses your natural sleep processes to coax along healthy sleep patterns by working with your body, not against. It will never cause dependence or tolerance. Zenbev is the best ally in your search for reliable sleep solutions to safeguard your health and longevity.