Twin Pillars of the Zenbev Formulation

July 20, 2020

Zenbev is unique. There is nothing like it to naturally aid the body in calming anxiety and promoting healthy sleep. These claims were proven in two separate research studies that were peer reviewed and published in esteemed journals. To better explain how it works, it helps to think of the two main ingredients, pumpkinseed flour and dextrose as two pillars upon which the science of the Zenbev formulation rests.

Zenbev is safe and effective but exactly how does it work?

The Zenbev formulation is built on two main food ingredients: natural, protein source tryptophan (pumpkinseed flour) + carbohydrate (dextrose). There are a few other food ingredients that are also important, but you will not experience the Zenbev effect without these two main ingredients. The relationship between these fundamental elements results in the unique, patented, proven and reliable product that helps boost natural serotonin and melatonin production.

Natural Source Tryptophan

You can take a synthetic tryptophan supplement (L-tryptophan) or you can get natural tryptophan from foods. Our bias is that it is better to take as much of our nutrients into our bodies as food ingredients. At Biosential, as part of extensive research and development on this idea, we searched a lot of food sources of tryptophan and settled on the pumpkinseed. Pumpkinseeds have an extremely high level of natural tryptophan. We crush the oil out of the seeds and grind them to a fine flour. This is for two reasons: the oil gets in the way of the conversion to serotonin and melatonin, and removing the oil concentrates the tryptophan in the protein of the seed. This food source of tryptophan is not enough, though. The second pillar must be there to propel the tryptophan.

Strategic Carbohydrate

The trick to getting natural tryptophan to metabolize to melatonin is the presence of a particular kind of carbohydrate. We use dextrose in Zenbev. Our studies have demonstrated this combination to be what gets the food source tryptophan into the right place in the brain so your body can take over and make your own serotonin and melatonin. You can’t get the tryptophan metabolism without this added step. That is why pumpkinseeds alone are not enough to provide this effect, you need both pillars. You can read more about the tryptophan paradox here. You can read more about how tryptophan metabolizes differently in light and dark conditions here.

Research Study on Sleep

We studied this twin pillar formulation and published our research study findings in the journal Nutritional Neuroscience. Our research study compared this twin formulation with synthetic tryptophan and found that the Zenbev formulation performed as well as L-tryptophan in helping people fall asleep. The Zenbev formulation was better, though, at helping them get back to sleep after awakening in the middle of the night. Since the natural tryptophan in Zenbev is still in the intact protein bundle, it acts as a time-released mechanism to distribute natural source tryptophan to the brain throughout the night as it should be under ideal conditions. Synthetic tryptophan, meanwhile, is helpful but burns off quickly with a shorter half life, similar to the OTC melatonin experience.

Our Zenbev formulation out-performed the combination of L-tryptophan + carbohydrate by significantly reducing the number of nighttime awakenings by almost 50% and the time spent awake during those awakenings by 50%. The twin pillars of this formulation helped subjects convert the tryptophan to melatonin for natural sleep.

Research Study on Social Anxiety

We studied this twin pillar formulation and published our findings in the Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology. When subjects were presented with an anxiety promoting situation, those who were taking the Zenbev formulation completed the task significantly better and with less stress than the controls. The twin pillars of this formulation helped subjects convert the tryptophan to serotonin for natural calming properties.

Since our formulation is unique (and therefore patented) this combination is not available in any other supplement or product other than nature. Yes, the other ingredients in Zenbev are important as well but the twin pillars of pumpkinseed flour and dextrose are scientifically proven to provide the main kick that jumpstarts your body’s natural ability to calm itself and go to sleep.

Zenbev is the brainchild of a Canadian doctor who wanted to try to harness the benefits of natural source tryptophan. He wanted an alternative to sleep medications. He wanted to help people sleep naturally. He developed the healthiest sleep aid possible as well as anxiety treatment without medications The twin pillars of the Zenbev formulation make Zenbev the best over the counter sleep and anxiety aid around.