The Truth Behind Pumpkinseeds and Sleep

May 01, 2024

Do pumpkinseeds help you sleep?

Well, they do and they don’t. Pumpkinseeds can help you sleep but it is important to understand that it is not simple or lateral. The Zenbev formulation is based on pumpkinseeds and the power they contain. The puzzle, however, is that pumpkinseeds on their own will not help your sleep one bit.

What is a Protein Bundle?

The Zenbev formulation was developed over 7 years of research and development. A Canadian doctor and his team worked to unlock and unravel the proteins that hold the key. Tryptophan is an amino acid we can only get from food, our bodies cannot manufacture it otherwise. Proteins are complex. They are all knotted together with other amino acids that are considered Large Neutral Amino Acids [LNAAs]. Tryptophan is not large, it is very small and is challenged getting to the brain, especially when it has to compete with much larger amino acids. That means that the tryptophan your body needs has a hard time shining on its own.

Why is Tryptophan so Special?

Tryptophan is a very energetic and hard working amino acid if given the opportunity to do its job. First it goes to making sure your body has sufficient B vitamins. If not, it replenishes some of them. If your body is good with B, it metabolizes to serotonin. Serotonin is considered the “Happy Hormone”. Serotonin boosts your body’s natural feelings of wellbeing and calm. This happens in normal light conditions. If it’s dark, tryptophan metabolizes to natural melatonin. This is the melatonin that your brain is supposed to make to help you fall asleep, help you stay asleep and help you dispel sleep and not feel groggy the next day. Pretty impressive for a tiny amino acid.

How does Tryptophan Compete?

In the end goal to get into the brain, tryptophan has one superpower that the LNAAs do not. It does not get distracted by glucose, or sugars. In fact, it can totally ignore them. The LNAAs, however, have no control when certain types of sugar are introduced, they go the opposite way towards liver and muscle. Tryptophan can then metabolize easily to melatonin in the brain since it is relieved of all the competition from the LNAA cousins.

How does the Zenbev Formulation Stand out?

Zenbev Drink Mix uses this knowledge of amino acids and nutrition to gently tweak the process to give tryptophan the biological advantage. Once it gets to the brain without any competition, it is free to help your brain produce more of your natural melatonin. Why take synthetic melatonin if you can make it yourself? Your brain knows what to do, it just needs a little nudge from time to time. Zenbev is a powerful and effective push to your natural sleep system.

Cue the Pumpkinseeds

Pumpkinseeds do contain a high amount of tryptophan but this amino acid will not get to your brain easily without a few steps. First of all, in Zenbev, the oil is crushed out of the pumpkinseeds. Fifty percent of each seed contains pumpkinseed oil. This oil dullens the tryptophan effect. The LNAAs also are present to complete to get to the brain. The Zenbev formulation solves the riddle. First, we crush out the oil. This concentrates the protein and eliminates the oil effect. It leaves a fine, protein-packed powder. Then, a strategic carbohydrate is added to give tryptophan the advantage. With all the proper ingredients, now the pumpkinseed powder is equipped to do the job. This theory was thoroughly tested and clinical trials showed the formulation improve quality of sleep, reduced night-time awakenings and reduced the amount of wake time significantly.


Go ahead and eat pumpkinseeds, they taste great and are good for you. They won’t help you sleep, though. As we can now see, the trapped tryptophan cannot be released this way. Zenbev does all the heavy lifting here to provide the ingredients and the careful calibration to deliver the best natural sleep to you. Zenbev is the best natural sleep aid that just happens to use the power of pumpkinseed powder to enable your brain to do what it was made to do naturally.