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Here’s what our customers have to say about Zenbev!
Anthony B
I was skeptical at first but now am convinced that Zenbev is the best thing I can take for my occasional sleep issues. I appreciate that it is all natural since I have always avoided medications where I can. It works for me!!
Fiona Hill | Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Two years ago, my husband was diagnosed with cancer at the base of his tongue. The following months were filled with weeks of radiation treatments and chemotherapy and then the long wait for the results. I was already dealing with menopausal sleep changes and, with the tremendous stress and worry of cancer to deal with, a good night’s sleep became a real challenge. Thank heavens for Zenbev! A dose in the morning kept me positive even on the worst days, and my nightly dose allowed me to get enough hours of deep sleep to cope with the next day. I know that I would have lain awake worrying about the future without it. The good news is that my husband has been cancer-free for more than a year and life has returned to normal. I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful product!
Alex Todd | Brandon, Manitoba, Canada
My sleep has improved in ways I never thought possible and my anxiety is also manageable. I no longer take sleep medication or anxiety meds…You have a great product! I will be a customer for life.
Loretta Barbee | Weslaco, Texas, USA
My husband has Parkinson’s disease, and first it was the trouble falling asleep. Zenbev came to the rescue. We have put Joe to sleep with Zenbev ever since I saw your ad on my computer. But, now, he’s had daytime problems, too. His disposition is fine in the morning, but the afternoons are bad and getting worse. My doctor said, “Why don’t you use that “natural stuff” you use at night?” Voila! Why didn’t I think of that? Zenbev is a 24 hour helpmate that keeps him happy in the daytime and asleep at night!
Patricia S
Zenbev got me through my sleep issues that came with menopause. Until I found it I was waking up so many times during the night. It was the only thing I took and it helped me sleep more soundly and got me right back to sleep if I did wake up. This helped because even if I did wake up I could relax and know that I would go right back to sleep. I felt fine the next day. I don’t need it so much now but really appreciate how it got me through those years. Thanks, Zenbev!
Phil Martins | Toronto, Ontario, Canada
I have had problems sleeping for the past 10 years. I tried everything, sleep teas, bedtime routines, sleep clinics, exercise, weight loss, drinking alcohol, not drinking alcohol, and even unlawful substances. Nothing worked. I would usually get only about 5-6 hours of sleep per night (if I was lucky); waking up several times. I refuse to use the sleeping pills the doctors keep prescribing. I found Zenbev about year ago. It has helped me tremendously. When I take it I am finally able to sleep through the whole night. I even have dreams again, which means I am getting quality REM sleep. I recently stopped taking Zenbev for about 2 months and my sleep problems returned, accompanied by the usual lack of sleep symptoms (no energy, difficulty concentrating, and a general “hazy” feeling). My wife has been asking me why I am so short tempered and grumpy again. I know the reason, lack of sleep. I will have to start taking Zenbev again. The benefits outweigh the cost of the product tremendously. It improves my life. I would encourage anyone with sleep problems to try Zenbev. It’s all natural and it WORKS!

Zenbev helps nearly everyone experiencing sleep and anxiety issues!

Judy Bargholz | Beaumont, AB Canada
I’ve been using Zenbev when I have trouble falling asleep for over 6 years. I mix the chocolate with milk and drink it before bed for a peaceful sleep and I love the taste. Thanks!!
Jean S. | Guelph, ON Canada
I have been taking Zenbev with great success. I take it an hour before bed which helps me relax, and prepares me for a restful sleep. I am so glad it is a natural product with no side effects.
Paul Neumann | Brantford, Ontario, Canada
I have enjoyed nearly perfect sleep since my use of your product. I restored sleep in less than 2 weeks. It is truly a sleep aid in that it helped me until I could help myself.
Barbara Andersen | La Verne, California, USA
Before using the mask at night I’d sleep but wake because of the bright light in the morning. Now with the mask I’m able to catch up with my sleep in the morning and not let the light wake me up. Now it has made a big difference in my energy level. It’s very comfortable as well and easy to get used to. I don’t make recommendations unless I’m really impressed!
Jaqueline Ridley | Erin, Ontario, Canada
I have not slept well for quite a while. I was discussing with my MD as I needed to get sleep as the lack was affecting my day to day life. My MD suggested ZENBEV I went out the next day and bought lemon and chocolate. I have been sleeping soundly ever since. I now get up with the birds and feel GREAT!!! I have suggested it to my brother sister and mom and am going out today to pick it up for them to try. I cannot believe how great I feel. I am starting to lose weight as well due to the fact I am not -running on only adrenalin now. THANK YOU ZENBEV!!!! I want a lifetime supply of this. I am a huge promoter!!
Ana and Lucien Davis
We bought Zenbev a few weeks back. Both, my husband and I, had a positive experience. It really helped me with my PMSsymptoms: insomnia, irritability, etc. One scoop was too much for me since I slept day and night. For this reason I reduced it to 3/4 and this quantity really helped me to balance my PMS symptoms. My husband takes 1 1/2 scoops. Since taking Zenbevhe doesn’t wake up in the middle of the night. As a result he has a more restful sleep and he feels more energetic during the day.
Janet D
This is a wonderful product, I’m so happy I found it! It has helped me when I needed to stay calm and has improved my sleep and I love that it is all natural!