Spring Clean Your Sleep Routine

mars 29, 2023

Spring cleaning used to be a really big deal, do you remember? If you are old enough, you will recall the windows opened wide, drapes pulled down, furniture moved, closets cleared, all the corners scrubbed and scoured. It happened once a year but very little escaping scrutiny. Perhaps your sleep habits could use a little spring cleaning? It is not unusual to fall out of good habits. Here are some great tips for cleansing your mind, body and soul toward improving the overall sleep environment and, as a result, your sleep itself.

Tidy up your Sleep Space

No one really likes tidying up but there are real benefits to neatness. Tidying up has been considered to increase productivity. Just think of how much time you would save in the morning if you knew exactly where everything was. It also has a positive impact on mood, self-esteem and confidence. Having a clean, uncluttered space also means fewer distractions and reduced stress. Taking care of your sleep space (where, incidentally you spend a lot of time) isn’t just a great mood booster, it’s also great for your health! Regular house cleaning can reduce allergens and eliminate dust particles in the air.

Tidy up your Mind

Spring cleaning isn’t just about getting rid of clutter in your bedroom. It’s also about tossing out the mental clutter that takes up more space than it should. Worry, negative self-talk, dwelling on the past. These habits affect us all from time to time and disrupt our peace of mind. While there may not be a quick-fix solution to take these draining thoughts and feelings away, you can start by writing them out. Storing everything in your brain can be overwhelming. Using a journal and getting in the habit of free association, just writing whatever comes to mind, can help you organize your thoughts and better process them once they are written in front of you. You may be surprised at the insights that pop out!

Tidy up your Diet

With thoughts of fresh market vegetables and local produce soon to be available, spring is a great time to improve your diet. In the winter months it is not unusual to tend to grab more comfort-type foods. Let the better weather, however, stimulate you to eat healthier. So many nutritious recipes are available online. Thinking of reducing meat or adding more grains? There are tons of inspiring chefs providing free recipes and motivation out there, just a few clicks away!

Practice Mindfulness

Studies have found that meditation can be effective in reducing stress and anxiety. For beginners, the practice can seem intimidating at first. For those with busy minds, it seems nearly impossible. Luckily, there are hundreds of guided meditations available online that use imagery and other techniques that can quiet the most preoccupied of minds. Incorporating mindfulness into your day-to-day life through breathing exercises and visualization can help improve your mental clarity and keep you grounded in the present moment, and it only takes a few minutes a day.

Prioritize your Sleep with Zenbev

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