How Menopause Affects Your Sleep Quality

júlí 25, 2023

The menopausal transition can complicate the lives of women in many respects. The physical changes women go through can be quite harmful to one’s peace of mind and especially their sleep schedule. Research has found that sleep disturbances increase from ranges of 16-42% of women to a dramatic 39-47% of women before and during menopause respectively. We at Zenbev know that the last thing you need at this time is another bad day from lack of sleep. Here, we will discuss how menopause affects your sleep quality and some of the strategies one can employ to alleviate them.

The exact reason why menopause affects sleep so specifically is not yet fully understood as there are multiple factors. Some theories suggest that menopause impacts the endocrine system which manages hormonal balance. Our hormones have a massive role to play in our emotional and physical states. It’s no surprise that anything that offsets this balance can have equally massive consequences on our sleep schedules!

The Role of Hormones and Stress

Other potential factors in menopause-induced sleep issues could include the mental strain menopause inflicts on women. Menopause can induce something of a “domino effect” that is brought about by the many destabilizing symptoms of the experience. For instance, sleep may be initially disturbed by the debilitating effects of hot flashes or a hormonal imbalance. These events can lead to lasting insomnia which, in turn, can be a risk factor for developing symptoms of depression, therefore adding to the already present sleep disruption. Here we see the vicious cycle that the bodily changes of menopause can bring upon those experiencing it. Menopause affects the body on a multitude of levels.

How To Improve Your Sleep Hygiene During Menopause

Though tackling insomnia is a difficult task for anyone, there are plenty of ways we can provide our bodies with the tools to succeed. The first is a recurring theme on the Zenbev blog covering sleep hygiene. This cannot be stressed enough as improper sleep hygiene is often one of the first pitfalls people fall into when experiencing insomnia. Doing what you can to eliminate outside factors besides menopause can go a long way in making sure your sleep goes uninterrupted. Limiting your phone time before bed and staying away from a sleep-damaging diet are just some of the ways you can naturally improve your sleep health. Some experts also suggest regular exercise as a method for improved sleep quality into adulthood.

How Zenbev Can Help You Sleep Better During Menopause

You don’t have to do all the work! Zenbev Drink Mix can be implemented into your nightly routine to give yourself the necessary tools to tackle this period of difficult sleep brought on by menopause. Zenbev employs a natural, physician developed formulation that has been tested and the results published in respected journals. The combination of healthy sleep habits and Zenbev is one of the best ways one can help themselves and start the journey toward a life of improved sleep. Taking back your sleep goes a very long way to taking back your life!