The New Normal – Five Ways Zenbev can Help

September 11, 2020

How do we navigate this strange new living-with-Covid world? What was once taken for granted is now so different. We have to keep reminding ourselves of the fine line between living in the midst of a pandemic and trying to maintain a sense of normalcy, with varying degrees of success.

Before early 2020, staying inside with no end in sight was far from what we considered normal. Now, it’s just another day. We can justifiably pat ourselves on the back for the massive transition our species is capable of due to mutual co-operation. Sort of. However, nobody said it would be easy. The human psyche has done a fantastic job of easing the pandemic out of consciousness’ priority and sending it to join in the background noise. We watch characters in movies and suddenly recoil when we see them share a drink, shake hands or stand too close to one another. This is just one of the many ways our brains have molded to our current situation.

A remarkable aspect of human development, however, is our unique ability to adapt. Our species is no stranger to harsh climates either. So, given that we are currently experiencing the most unprecedented global event in decades, how should we be feeling right about now? Here’s an examination of how Zenbev can help what we are calling “the new normal”.

Zenbev Drink Mix is uniquely positioned to help you through this brave new world. Here are Five Ways Zenbev can help:

  1. Zenbev helps promote your body’s own natural sleep cycles without tolerance, dependence or side effects;
  2. Zenbev helps promote your body’s own natural way to elevate your mood during lighted conditions;
  3. Zenbev increases REM sleep naturally, which is one of the best defenses our immune system can employ to maintain optimal immune functioning;
  4. Zenbev allows you to get more sleep and get back to sleep faster when you wake which reduces your body’s hunger signals which contribute to overeating (Quarantine 15, anyone?);
  5. Zenbev helps establish and maintain a regular cycle of your circadian rhythms. Regular sleep-wake cycles improve heart health and may reduce your risk of other serious health conditions like Alzheimer’s Disease according to new research.

Zenbev Drink Mix is the best over the counter sleep and anxiety aid. It works beautifully and has helped many people significantly improve their quality of life. Take it morning or night and develop a comforting routine to assist with your sleep/wake schedule. Zenbev was developed by a physician with good health in mind and is easy to work into your day and night. Zenbev can and should be an important part of your lockdown routine. Having a mug of Zenbev each night provides consistency and quality to your sleep schedule leaving you refreshed and energetic in the morning. Remember that Zenbev can also be a useful tool in managing daytime stress when you need it most. Give your brain the boost it needs now more than ever in the most natural, new normal way.