Can Carbs be linked to your Insomnia?

April 17, 2024

Researchers are hard at work trying to get to the bottom of the sleep epidemic in our culture. They have their hands full, to put it mildly. There are many lifestyle factors that contribute to poor sleep in addition to health issues and things beyond our control. It’s kind of like tackling climate change: where does one begin?

The subject of carbohydrates requires a bit of a delicate touch. They are hard to avoid in our diet but have also been declared the “bad boy” of nearly everything. We love carbs and we need carbs but our relationship with them can be chaotic and confusing. At Zenbev, we take the carb issue personally and seek to create a deeper understanding of them rather than a black and white rejection of all things carb.

Zenbev Drink Mix would not help people sleep if it weren’t for the strategic carbohydrate that helps it work. Carbohydrates in sugars, starches, and fibers don’t just taste good and satisfy us, they also assist in healthy metabolism. The problem is when moderation is not practiced and carbohydrates are favoured and over-consumed. The carbohydrate in Zenbev Drink mix is targeted to aid in the metabolism of natural tryptophan to help it turn on natural melatonin production in the brain. Too many of the wrong carbs, however, can lead to sleep problems rather than be part of the solution.

Researchers studying postmenopausal women in a large study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in early 2020 looked at many types of carbohydrate consumption and how they affected insomnia over 3 years. What they discovered was that insomnia risk was greater in those who had a higher Glycemic Index diet and those who added more sugars to their diet. Those women who primarily ate fruit and vegetables were less likely to develop insomnia. This doesn’t mean that they didn’t, but statistically they were less likely and when other variables are accounted for (which they were in this study) there is a strong indicator that carbohydrates are implicated.

Not to say that carbohydrates cause sleep issues, however, that is too strong a statement to pick up from this. If you are suffering from sleep problems, it is probably a good idea to take a look at your carbohydrate consumption. Is it unhealthy? Has it crept up on you? Are carbohydrate cravings controlling you? The good thing is that these cravings are temporary and they do decrease when you control your diet. Consider replacing bad dietary habits and unconscious eating with a healthy alternative that puts you to sleep naturally: Zenbev!

Zenbev can help get the sleep you need while using a small amount of carbohydrates effectively. Zenbev Drink Mix is the best sleep supplement since it was developed by a doctor and targets exactly what ingredients you need to set natural sleep in motion. Reducing unhealthy carbs in your diet and replacing them with the carbohydrate in Zenbev would be the perfect bedtime snack that does not contribute to insomnia but effectively chases it away.