Bedtime Routine Redux

February 08, 2023

Did you have a bedtime routine when you were a kid?

Chances are, your parents or caregivers paved the way to dreamland with a few predictable, repeatable steps. First you put your toys away, then you find your favourite stuffed animal, next maybe you have a bath, get into your pyjamas then brush your teeth. Once you are ready for bed your nightlight goes on and finally a story. Magically, you were ready to drift off into a deep sleep.

There is no magic about it, though. This is cleverly designed by those who need kids to sleep to set the stage for slumber and train the brain to sleep naturally. It is exactly like a train with cars linking up and bringing the child to the desired destination and it works.

Where did we get off track and stop this routine? Somewhere in our twenties we get used to just expecting sleep to come to our bidding, whatever the time or place. If that is not working for you anymore, consider getting back on the bedtime routine wagon.

Where to start? First start with making a plan. Natural sleep is a delicate process that becomes apparent when sleep problems arise. Take time to review your sleep environment, your sleep behaviours and determine if there are changes that need to be made to make your introduction to sleep more conducive.

If you have found that Zenbev Drink Mix is improving your sleep naturally, this can be the fist car on the train, the powerful engine. Zenbev works within your brain’s natural chemistry to boost sleep naturally by providing the ingredients your brain needs to manufacture natural melatonin, the way we are supposed to sleep. Zenbev is best taken about half an hour before you want to fall asleep. This provides a perfect window to build your sleep routine, one boxcar at a time. Here is a sample routine:

  1. Prepare your Zenbev Drink Mix in a special mug you designate and associate with bedtime
  2. Find a quiet spot to relax and enjoy your mug of Zenbev
  3. Set your cellphone alarm for the time you want to wake and put your phone away
  4. Review your day, what went well and what you need to change for tomorrow
  5. Write down in a journal what you wish to accomplish tomorrow (so you are not dwelling on it at night)
  6. Practice gratitude and make a list of things you are grateful for
  7. Find some light reading or listen to some relaxing music to accompany your Zenbev enjoyment
  8. Wash your face and brush your teeth
  9. Change into your sleeping clothes, putting your dirty clothes in the laundry basket
  10. Tidy up your sleep space and fluff your pillows
  11. When you feel sleepy, then is the time to draw the shades, turn out the lights and crawl into bed ready for deep, natural sleep.

If it helps, make a list and check things off until you have a system down. Your plan will be tailored to you, of course. Give it a try and see how taking time to make a routine pays off. Remember, you are worth it and this is a gift to yourself. While you train your brain to associate these personal routines with sleep, you are halfway to slumberland! Oh, and since there are really no monsters under the bed, you can skip the nightlight!