Beat The Post Holiday Blues

December 21, 2023

A surprising amount of stress can be experienced during the holidays, but that may not disappear when the tinsel and trees are put to the curb. Unfortunately, the holidays – and how you experience them- may lead to major stress and added worries. There is even a name for this: Post-Holiday Blues.

Now that the build-up of the holidays is over and done with, you are left with questions of “what now?” Or worse, the holidays may have exacerbated or disappointed in ways that holiday buoyancy cannot cover up. Perhaps a hoped-for reconciliation did not happen. Bills may be coming due that are going to be hard to cover. It seemed like such a good idea at the time! Alcohol and rich food consumption lead to added sluggishness. Expectations and demands that come with a new year may also weigh heavily.

Many of us must face the perils of winter without the holiday cheer that makes the cold weather so bearable. The new year also brings dark, dreary, colder weather which is a trigger for many of Seasonal Affective Disorder. Here at Zenbev, we have proven solutions to prevent you from slipping off that slope.

Almost everything is more bearable when you are getting enough good quality sleep where you cycle through all 5 stages of sleep. Zenbev Drink Mix gives you that normal sleep pattern back which radiates out to improve so many other areas of your life. Our tested and true formulation has been helping people sleep normally for 20 years. Try our Deluxe Sleep/Wake Bundle which includes a Yumalite – the best and most efficient way to provide light therapy which reduces the symptoms of SAD. Jump start your New Year with Zenbev and say, “No way!” to Post-Holiday blues!