Time Zone Travel Foolproof Plan

July 20, 2023

Jet lag can turn a long anticipated trip into an exercise in frustration if your body cannot easily adjust to the stress of travel and the abrupt change in time. Here’s a proven method we developed at Biosential using Zenbev to help get you over the time zone hump to land in your destination ready to take on any adventure!

A bit of preparation is required. You will need some Zenbev Drink Mix and a few days before your trip. All that is required other than that is your resolve to get ahead of the process by re-setting your sleep cycle a little early. This trick involves easing your brain and your body into the new time zone in advance, as opposed to adjusting to an abrupt shift on the other side.

Here’s how it works:

Three nights before your flight leaves, start by taking 2 scoops of Zenbev and going to bed an hour earlier than you normally do. Set your alarm for a half an hour earlier than you normally wake up.

Two nights before you leave, take 2 scoops of Zenbev and go to bed a half an hour earlier than the night before. Set your alarm for an hour earlier than your normally wake up.

The night before take-off, take 2 scoops of Zenbev and go to bed an hour earlier than the night before (yes it’s early, but it’s worth it!). Set your alarm for 2 hours earlier than you normally wake up.

This gives you lots of extra packing time and results in you feeling sleepier on the flight. If you are travelling to Europe, most trans-Atlantic flights leave in the evening and, while it might be tempting to enjoy a few movies – resist! You need your sleep to get off that plane and step into the new day. After the meal, mix up your Zenbev in water or whatever (non-alcoholic) beverage you have, put on your Zenbev sleep mask with earplugs and allow the naturally sourced tryptophan to convert to melatonin – maximizing your sleep quality.

When you wake up you are already partially shifted to the new time zone because of the not so difficult effort you put into the few days before you left on your trip. Power through the first day resolving to embrace the current time zone (as opposed to taking naps approximating your old time zone), and within 24 hours you will be totally shifted and won’t miss a second of the adventure you dreamed of when you planned this trip! It works! All thanks to the wonders of Zenbev!