The Hand in Hand Mechanism behind Zenbev

January 12, 2021

We pride ourselves on Zenbev’s unique and almost counter-intuitive formula. Engineered by our founders, our product aims to cooperate with the brain’s sleep chemistry in a natural and original way! In this article we break down how Zenbev does it. There are no herbs or vitamins, fillers or synthetic chemicals involved. Zenbev is a special formulation that is based on a few simple ingredients that work together to reset your natural sleep works through strategic nutrition.

The Background

Zenbev may look simple, but all the work to get here was not. It took seven years of research and development to determine this perfect balance of food ingredients that lead to the brain absorbing what it needs, to naturally calm you and put you to sleep. Tryptophan from pumpkinseed flour and a special carbohydrate walk hand in hand to support sleep in the body.

Main Ingredient 1: Food Source Tryptophan

Many foods contain the amino acid, tryptophan. Tryptophan is an essential amino acid we can only get from food, our bodies can’t generate it otherwise. Under proper conditions, tryptophan synthesizes into serotonin: a mood regulating hormone and neurotransmitter that promotes stable and better moods.

Melatonin is the specific hormone that secretes throughout our system when we go to bed and while we are sleeping. Under other conditions, tryptophan is synthesized into melatonin which is our body’s natural sleep promoter and relies heavily on tryptophan availability to be produced.

You may have heard discussions of turkey and its implications for sleep. After Thanksgiving meals, you would be hard pressed to have a rough night of sleep and this is thanks, in part, to the huge amount of tryptophan found in turkey.

Our Recipe

The Zenbev formula is based upon pumpkinseed flour for this very same reason. Pumpkin seeds are another strong conduit for tryptophan but pumpkinseeds on their own can’t help you sleep. Our recipe relies upon slowly and carefully pressing the oil out of the seed and grinding it into a fine flour. The oil would get in the way of tryptophan’s pathway into the brain, circumventing the process instead of assisting. It’s a difficult road for tryptophan from digestion to the brain. This is where our second key ingredient comes in: dextrose!

Main Ingredient 2: Dextrose

In order to have a smooth pathway into the brain, our studies have shown that the addition of a carbohydrate is essential to tryptophan travelling and reaching the right destination. This is why we choose to add a natural food source of dextrose to our recipe. Owing to what is known as The Tryptophan Paradox, the pumpkin seed flour alone simply wouldn’t be enough to kickstart the production of sleep-promoting hormones. The addition of this strategic carb ensures that exactly the right amount of natural tryptophan gets delivered to the exact location. Your brain is boss and does the rest, naturally. Zenbev is the conductor.

The Benefits

Natural tryptophan is an amazing amino acid but it only works as well as you allow it to. Zenbev Drink Mix provides the body with the ingredients it needs to use this tryptophan from a food source and propel it so the body uses it as efficiently as possible and more effectively than food alone.