Zenbev Superiour to Synthetic Sleep Medications

august 06, 2018

Tryptophan is now widely available in Health Food stores and pharmacies throughout North America and Great Britain.  Now that synthetic tryptophan is back it seems much easier just to pop a pill rather than take a natural source tryptophan available in Zenbev.  Unfortunately, it is impossible to recreate the intricacies of Mother Nature in a pill.  Natural source tryptophan in Zenbev contains nutrients that allow natural tryptophan to access the brain and become serotonin in the light and melatonin in the dark: vitamin B3, vitamin B6, zinc etc.  The pill, synthetic tryptophan, will rapidly metabolize not towards serotonin and melatonin in your brain but towards unwanted tryptophan metabolites in your body.  Healthy choices for sleep do not arise from taking a pill.

The British Medical Journal article based upon 10,000 subjects published in February 2012 make that clear.  Subjects that took the occasional sleep medication had a much incidence of serious health issues quite apart from addiction concerns associated with sleep medications.  The authors of this pivotal study were clear that we need healthy natural alternatives.

Mother Nature 1              Synthetic Replacements 0