Overcome Resistance To Change

mai 25, 2023

When it come to tackling sleep issues, it first helps to admit that you do have control over variables that significantly affect your sleep. In other words, you are not a victim.

Here at Biosential we know a lot about our product, Zenbev Drink Mix. It works by providing the ingredients you need to stimulate natural sleep and has been proven in published clinical trials to be reliable and effective. We also know, however, that the best natural products can have their effectiveness constrained by unhealthy actions. With this in mind, we focus a great deal on education and encouragement around healthy sleep behaviours and practices which go a long way to reset sleep problems and contribute to a recharged and refreshed approach to achieving natural sleep.

Claim It

Start by removing sleep problems from the box in your mind that tells you that it’s just the way it is and you are destined for a lifetime of tiredness and inadequate sleep. Switch it to the compartment in your mind called: Projects to Work On. Just like beginning an exercise program, making the commitment is the first step and pushing yourself to get through the initial painful steps is a must. Accept that this will not be an overnight (pardon the pun) success but that you intend to try and stick with it. Find the motivation that works specifically for you. Tell someone close to you that you have this goal. This verbal commitment will reinforce your effort and you now have someone to ask you, “Hey, how’s that healthy sleep project going?”

Do your Research

It’s not advisable to type: “how to fix a sleep problem” into a search engine as you will be served an overwhelming amount of unreliable information. Better to explore some educational sites like reliable medical websites searched directly or the non-profit National Sleep Foundation. Be open to learning about things in your life that may be affecting your sleep and as your current life patterns are set down. Open your mind to creating new patterns with ultimate sleep health in mind. Our Zenbev website offers many targeted, informative articles that will also help.

Write it Down

In a simple journal write down your plan. What are your goals? What needs to change in your life? What can change and what is out of your control? How will you make healthy changes and evaluate them? The action of writing your plan down serves to further reinforce your commitment to change. Once you are making changes, track your sleep to help evaluate your progress which has the effect of further reinforcing built on success. This is a working document so mark it up!

Make Environmental Changes

Take a close look at your sleeping place. Is it conducive to a good night’s rest? Look beyond the décor to seriously evaluate the comfort, the light, the noise, the distractions. How are things like devices, televisions and bright lights detracting from your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. Changes to your environment may be immediate or evolve over time but commit to making these changes in your journal and taking the necessary steps that are right for you.


Once your goals and specific changes have been identified and you begin to track your progress, keep going with your goal of healthy sleep clearly in your sights. Improvement may be slow at first but experience and informed observations will begin to bring results. Tracking your progress will help identify improvements, set new goals and reinforce healthy habits. Yes, change is hard but with the right tools, attitude and motivation your habits can work for you rather than against and become conducive to healthy, natural sleep.