Keep Summer Zen Going Into The Fall!

August 24, 2023

It happens every year! We insist we are going to take every advantage of the hot, sunny days, warm nights and all that summer bounty has to offer. We all love summer, before you know it, August is coming to an end and fall is knocking on the door. How can you keep the summer Zen going into the fall? In this blog, we’ll show you how to transition smoothly from summer to a busy fall without losing the positive feelings and chilled attitudes that summer inspires. The transition doesn’t need to be negative. Use it to your best advantage!

1. Quality Sleep

Sleep is essential. First, put it first. Zenbev is the best natural sleep aid, so put healthy sleep that you may have been getting more of this summer where it belongs in priority. There is a tendency to believe that cheating your sleep is OK and the consequences will take care of themselves. In reality, the amount of respect you hold towards your sleep schedule is paid back to you in your overall health, well being and energy levels. It’s no secret that sleep deprivation has become somewhat of an epidemic in our busy lifestyles. In times of transition, pay attention to maintaining a consistent sleep routine. This includes falling asleep and waking up within the same time frame every day. If you have been fast and loose with your sleep hours, now is the time to rein in and bring back sleep/wake consistency.

Using Zenbev regularly before bed contributes to a healthy sleep schedule in a natural way, making it a must-have for anyone looking to decrease the amount of time spent worrying about sleep and replacing it with actual bedtime rituals. As a result, you will find yourself waking up with more energy every morning, allowing you to accomplish everything you want to in a day. You’d be surprised how much time management can increase your relaxation hours. Zenbev, made with natural ingredients and causing no side-effects, makes a great natural sleep supplement partner in this achievable quest.


2. Maintaining Mindfulness

Those who try practicing mindfulness and get something out of it can attest to its power in relaxation. We have smartphones, music in our headphones, a TV on in the background or company to talk to as backup whenever we find ourselves with a minute or two of silence. It isn’t often that we allow ourselves 5 or 10 minutes of absolute silence with our thoughts but when we give ourselves permission to do so, the insights are beneficial.

Meditating is a skill that accentuates your appreciation of surroundings and allowing yourself to be comfortable with your thoughts. Blocking off just 10 minutes per day for guided meditation can bring meaning in the midst of a busy day. This is guaranteed to extend the summer Zen feeling all year long once you make it into a good habit.


3. Make a Summer Resolution

Setting out with a goal heading into the fall is a guaranteed way to stay grounded when things get busy. Use the last few weeks of summer to take a step back and consider what you may need to change in your life, much like a resolution. Consider what you can do to challenge yourself, but also to do something positive for someone else. Focus on the goodwill that this sort of activity results in and it goes a long way to improving your outlook. Make your own resolution, just try to stick with it. Change can also bring moments of clarity. As summer ends, the fall brings about change around every corner. This year fall brings about much more added uncertainty. Don’t miss the opportunity to make a positive change now. A goal-oriented approach can provide a conscious plan to shift priorities properly, contributing to a sense of well being and security in your daily life.

It’s not hard to keep that summer relaxation feeling going beyond Labor Day. With a bit of pre-planning, and some simple help from Zenbev, it is easy to put sleep at the centre of your universe where it belongs and where it will pay dividends long after the summer sun sets.