How to Take Zenbev Drink Mix

July 03, 2020
How to take Zenbev for Health Benefits - Induces Sleep. Reduces Anxiety. Clinically Proven. Organic Food Ingredients. All Natural. Calming.

If you are new to Zenbev, you may just be wondering what exactly is in that Zenbev jar? Fair enough! Zenbev Drink Mix has been around for 15 years, but many are just learning about the powerful effect this medically inspired combination of food ingredients can have. It knocks all other natural sleep remedies and natural anxiety remedies out of the park!  Here is more detail on what Zenbev is like and how you can work it into your health regimen.

Does Zenbev go in the Pantry or the Medicine Cabinet?

Zenbev Drink Mix is a powder you mix with a liquid to create a drink. Zenbev is not a pill or a chemical composition.  As an all-natural sleep supplement, Zenbev is made of 5 food ingredients. After many years of medical research, the Zenbev formulation was created to provide a source of tryptophan from food. This is the way your body should get tryptophan, in your diet.

Zenbev does not Dissolve- Why is that?

While not a pill or medication, Zenbev is not exactly a drink either.  It is more like drinking a food.  The ingredients are milled very finely so it is quite smooth but it does not dissolve in a liquid since it is still in its food form.  It helps to know this first and quickly becomes a non-issue.  This is the best way to get the protein source of tryptophan from pumpkinseed flour, combined with the carbohydrate that propels it to the right place in your brain. Your body wants to get its tryptophan from food, after all, and our clinical study on sleep demonstrated that this method improved sleep time and quality significantly.

Five Food Ingredients

Zenbev is simple and comprised of only five food ingredients:

  • Pumpkinseed flour – source of natural tryptophan
  • Dextrose – strategic carbohydrate
  • Rice Starch – source of B vitamins
  • Natural Flavour- Lemon or Chocolate
  • Guar Gum- natural suspension agent so the above don’t sink to the bottom or your glass

These dry ingredients are blended in a specially created, clinically proven formulation and stored in either an 8 oz (250g) jar or a 26.5 oz (750g) bag. There are no extra ingredients, or fillers, there is nothing hidden or surprising.

Two Flavours – Lemon & Chocolate

Zenbev comes in two flavours, lemon and chocolate. Both are subtly flavoured and provide different, delicious options. Both flavours blend nicely with the mild, nutty tones of the pumpkinseed powder. This combination of ingredients is simple, but the effect can be quite powerful. Zenbev can be taken during the day for anxiety relief or at night as a natural sleep aid.

What do you Mix with the Lemon Flavour?

The Zenbev Lemon has a mild citrus taste and is not too sweet. It’s best mixed with hot water but you can mix it with anything you like, hot or cold. It goes well with most juices and is a great addition to healthy smoothies. It will not overpower any other flavours but adds nice notes to most combinations. We like Lemon Zenbev best in the summertime as it is very light.

What do you Mix with the Chocolate Flavour?

Chocolate Zenbev seems to go best with a beverage that is a little thicker than water.  It has a very nice chocolate flavour, need we say more? We recommend milk, almond milk, or rice milk. Chocolate Zenbev can be taken hot or cold. We like Chocolate Zenbev best in the winter as part of a comfy hot chocolate-type ritual before bed.

How to take Zenbev for Anxiety

Take Zenbev in the morning to alleviate feelings of anxiety by boosting your natural serotonin production. The natural tryptophan in the Zenbev formulation metabolises to serotonin during daylight conditions.  Start with 1 tablespoon mixed in the drink of your choice half an hour before breakfast for 3 days.  If you feel you need to take more, increase by half a tablespoon for 3 more days until you find what works for you.  Once you find this amount, work breaks into this pattern so you take it for 4 days on and 2 days off.  There is a hold over effect which should enable you not to have to take it every day.

How to take Zenbev for Sleep

Take Zenbev at night to help your body make its own natural melatonin. The natural tryptophan in the Zenbev formulation metabolises to melatonin during dark conditions. Learn more about the light sensitivity of Zenbev here. Start with 1 tablespoon mixed in the drink of your choice half an hour before bed for 3 nights. If you feel you need to take more, increase by half a tablespoon for 3 more nights until you find what works for you. Once you find this amount, we recommend that you build in breaks. What works for a lot of people is to take it from Sunday night to Thursday night and take Friday and Saturday night off.  There is a hold over effect which should get you through the weekend. This way you don’t need to take it every night. It lasts longer and works more efficiently.

As a totally natural product, Zenbev is the best natural sleep aid and the best way to help anxiety naturally. So keep Zenbev Drink Mix close in your kitchen and get creative with how you enjoy using it when you need natural help for anxiety relief or a truly natural sleep remedy.