At Zenbev, we like to keep in touch with our retailers and distributors. This month, we caught up with Nathan Zassman at Aviva Natural Health Solutions in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Zenbev asks: How long have you been in business?
Nathan: 19 years.

ZA: What drew you to the natural foods industry?
Nathan: I’m passionate about helping my customers and clients achieve optimum health and wellness naturally.

ZA: What is your favourite part of working with natural foods / natural health products?
Nathan: Learning and sharing my knowledge in the service to those who wish to improve their health without drugs.

ZA: Do you have a favourite product?
Nathan: Of course, Zenbev is one of my favorites, as I personally use it. I also love Lauricidin, and the PureWash Pro.

ZA: How long have you been stocking Zenbev and what do you like about it?
Nathan: I’m guessing over 15 years. It works naturally, tastes well, and was developed my a medical practitioner whose knowledge and ethics I respect.

ZA: What changes do you foresee in the natural foods / natural health products industry over the next 12 months?
Nathan: Hopefully inproved access to clinically proven natural products.

ZA: Do you have a favourite health food?
Nathan: Too many to mention, but Super Green Juice, Rice Brand Solubles and Olive Leaf Complex are favorites.

ZA: What book are you reading right now?
Nathan: The End of Alzheimer’s by Dale Bredesen.

ZA: What is your town’s claim to fame? Do you have a favourite local activity?
Nathan: Winnipeg Jets Hockey, Royal Winnipeg Ballet, mosquitoes, and very cold long snowy winters. I produce a weekly radio program where I feature classical music, every Sunday at 8:00 AM on 101.5 FM, called “Zassman Plays the Classics”. I write monthly health articles for LIfestyles 55 and Manitoba Post, and act in a local theatre company

ZA: Finally, do you have a favourite tip or trick to help with insomnia or to help you fall asleep?
Nathan: Vibroacoustic Therapy, meditation, exercise, and of course, Zenbev!