How is Tolerance Related to Dependence?

May 04, 2023

When experiencing difficulty sleeping over an extended period, it may be tempting to turn to drug-based interventions to fix the problem. Unfortunately, insomnia can oftentimes be exacerbated by the effects of common sleep medications and over-the-counter remedies. Some of the reasons for this are the dependence and tolerance that these drugs bring about. This article will illustrate just what tolerance is and how it plays into the equation of sleep medications.

Tolerance is when one’s body becomes accustomed to a drug’s effects and requires a higher dose to reach the same desired effect. It is no surprise that this can make the prospect of managing over-the-counter medications on your own very complicated. Increased tolerance to prescription sleep aids can also bring about some harmful consequences if the consumer is not careful.


A downside to some drugstore sleep aids is the simple fact that they are not reliable in remedying long-term insomnia. Since most tolerance-inducing drugs build up rapidly, they cannot be considered a viable option for the treatment of sleep disorders, and many work best as only a short-term fix to sleep disruptions. It is not advisable, if possible, to come to rely on this type of solution when you know your body will begin to demand more and more just to keep the same level of effectiveness.

Another risk associated with tolerance build-up is the danger of taking too large a dose after one’s threshold has increased. Sleeping pills can cause depressed breathing when efforts to counteract tolerance are taken. In extreme cases, this interrupted breathing can even lead to death. It’s recommended by sleep experts to avoid taking sleeping pills for longer than two weeks to avoid such outcomes. Beyond this point, tolerance can become too monumental to overcome without taking a risky dose.

Don’t despair, however, as it is possible to wean off these medications with the help of your doctor. Do not stop any medication abruptly that is associated with either tolerance or dependence. You must slowly taper the amount over a proscribed period of time to allow the body to adjust.

The Alternative Without Tolerance or Dependence

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