Cheapest Sleep Fix

September 02, 2021

What is the simplest, least expensive way to improve your sleep? Invest in an old-fashioned alarm clock. Yup, the kind with two arms that tell the time (a long and short if your memory needs a jog) and a thing that folds out to wind it up in the back. No batteries required, no digital lighting, just the sound of a gentle tick, tick, tick that will lull you to sleep in no time.

When you get into bed with your phone right beside you so many things are going on that can disturb your sleep. Even on silent mode, your phone can vibrate when emails come in or notifications go off. Try as you might to juggle all the complex settings of your smart phone, screens likewise light up if certain notifications are allowed causing a bright glow in your sleep space until it eventually fades again. It’s almost like they are designed to keep you up and engaged.

Have you ever had this happen? Someone crosses your mind and within the next minute they text or call you? We can’t explain it but some people are so tuned in with loved ones that there can be this subliminal communication going on, also delivered by these communication devices we can’t seem to be without. That’s great when you’re awake but if your telepathic friend lives halfway around the world, your brain may also be picking up on these cues when you sleep with your phone right beside you, interrupting the natural sleep cycles your brain needs.

Best sleep advice: put your cell phone and tablet in a different room to where you sleep. Set up a tech corner away from your bed chamber where you can charge your devices and put them to bed before you put yourself to bed. While it is convenient to use your cellphone as your alarm, it is not the only way to start your day. That old fashioned alarm clock will do the job and nothing else -which is exactly what you need.

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