Zenbev SuperPowers!

April 03, 2022

When we fix our sleep, it can feel like we have unlocked superpowers. In reality, we re-discover the natural function of our bodies and minds that we’ve been missing for so long. Super-Natural Zenbev Drink Mix can deliver this impact leaving you feeling like a super hero! How can you gain these super powers for yourself? Check out some of the many superhero powers (except for maybe invisibility and flying) Zenbev offers, both for your body and peace of mind!

1. Mood Muscle

You can gain the strength of titans and feel like leaping tall buildings in a single bound with even one good nights sleep. Good sleep builds you up as much as poor sleep tears you down, setting a tone for your whole day. Zenbev removes the physical and mental toll of sleeplessness allowing your body to focus on the productive side of your day. If that weren’t enough there is an added power: take Zenbev during the day to help unlock your own natural serotonin production. Pow!

2. Zero Side Effects, Zero Dependence

Zenbev is not a pill or drug. It contains no chemicals or medicines that your body gets used to and needs more of over time. Zenbev can be started and stopped on a dime. There is no need to worry about the future. If you want to stop, you stop. Take a break or never take again, it’s up to you! (Just don’t forget your Zenbev superpowers the next time you go through a bad sleep patch!)

3. 100% Vegan and Vegetarian, Gluten Free

Diet restrictions can leave a discerning consumer with little options in the realm of health products. Our pumpkinseed flour-based drink mix is all-natural, contains organic food ingredients and is the go-to natural solution for vegans and vegetarians. Plus, you can rest assured that animals were completely ignored in the research and development phase of creating Zenbev.

4. Zero Fillers, Zero Additives, 100% Food Ingredients

With so many new products out there, it is difficult to trust that it’s either not a scam or that inferior ingredients might be substituted for what is claimed. Other supplements and drugs have questionable ingredients, origins and recipes that you can’t make much sense of. Zenbev is a simple, transparent option that is safe and reliable. The formulation behind Zenbev is based on scientific theory, tested and true. Our bodies need to get healthy from food and Zenbev is all traceable food.

5. Physician Developed and Thoroughly Tested

This ain’t the funny papers! Unlike many products out there, we can guarantee that Zenbev is based upon proven science, properly tested and these study results published in peer-reviewed journals. Developed by a physician, our super product makes sure you rest easy. Zenbev is so unique and out of this world that the formulation is patented! Created by Nature. Delivered by Science.

Unlock the vast powers within by unleashing the superpowers of Zenbev Drink Mix in your life!