Routine to Improve Sleep Habits

April 03, 2018

Improve Your Sleep Habits – Try This Routine for 2 Weeks

Want to improve your sleep hygiene? We have the perfect challenge for you! For the next two weeks, adopt the following routine, and hit the reset button on your body’s sleep cycle.

Wake Up at the Same Time Every Day

Set your alarm for the same time every morning, even on the weekends. Waking up at the same time will make it easier for you to go to bed on a schedule. Your body will quickly adapt to the cycle and soon you will find yourself feeling sleepy around the same time every night.

Work Out After You Wake Up

At least three times per week, but ideally every day, complete 20-30 minutes of aerobic exercise. It does not have to be super intense or demanding. Simple activities like walking or cycling can do the trick. The goal is to get the oxygen and blood flowing. Doing your work out after you wake up will help clear any morning brain fog, leaving you more alert and energized for the rest of the day.

Limit Your Caffeine Intake

Coffee, energy drinks and caffeinated teas should all be consumed at a minimum. Also avoid drinking any of these beverages after 3PM. If you are feeling up to it, you should also consider extending this routine to other stimulating beverages and foods. Sodas, nicotine products, alcoholic drinks and consumables that are high in sugar would all qualify.

Eat All of Your Meals on Time

This means no late dinners! Your main meals should be eaten during the day. The last meal of the day should be eaten at least five hours before bedtime to give your body time to properly digest it. A small snack afterwards is okay.

Stay Away from Fatty and Unhealthy Foods

Many junk foods and snacks can cause digestion issues like indigestion which can be very disruptive for sleeping. Steer clear of fatty foods, fried foods and anything else that will cause you digestive distress. Eating fresh vegetables, leans meats and whole grains will give your body the nutrition it needs to stay fueled, and these foods won’t keep you up at night.

Purge Your Bedroom of Electronics

The bedroom is officially a no-go zone for tablets, phones, TVs and computers. Leave all distracting electronics outside of your bedroom. As extensive research has shown, staring at a screen before bed is a highly disruptive habit for healthy sleep.

Eat a Sleep-Friendly Snack

If you are a chronic insomniac or if you have struggled with falling asleep in the past, try incorporating sleep-friendly foods into your bedtime routine. Some people enjoy soothing teas like Sleepytime Tea or Camomile, while others prefer a warm glass of milk. Zenbev’s Restbites or our all natural Drink Mix also make excellent bedtimes snacks. They contain organic ingredients including pumpkinseed flour, which is a source of tryptophan.

Don’t Stay Up Late

Give yourself a reasonable bedtime and stick with it. Once you start waking up at the same time each day, you will find yourself become sleepy at the same time too. Keeping your bedtime consistent will ensure your sleep cycle stays intact.

More tips on how to keep insomnia at bay can be found on our blog. Check it out!