Retailer Focus: Vahid Walji, New Age Health Food

May 08, 2019



At Zenbev, we like to keep in touch with our retailers and distributors. This month, we caught up with Vahid Walji at New Age Health Food in Guelph, Ontario.

Zenbev asks: How long have you been in business?
Vahid: 26 years.

ZA: What drew you to the natural foods / natural health products industries?
Vahid: It was a business decision – I moved to Guelph from Toronto, and wanted to try my hand at a new thing. The business was for sale – I bought it, and have never looked back!

ZA: Do you have a favourite product?
Vahid: Collagen powder!

ZA: Do you have a favourite health food?
Vahid: Dried mango slices.

ZA: Do you have a favourite local activity?
Vahid: Guelph Storm games.
(For non-Guelph and non-hockey fans, this is Guelph’s local Junior A team!)

ZA: How long have you been stocking Zenbev and what do you like about it?
Vahid: We’ve been stocking Zenbev for 3 years. I like the whole idea of how the tryptophan in Zenbev is derived from pumpkinseeds. It’s a good natural sleep aid. And pumpkinseeds have other health benefits, including minerals.

ZA: What is your favourite part of working with natural foods / natural health products?
Vahid: It’s all about helping people out, learning about different products to assist people, and hopefully to get people away from harder drugs and medications. Our goal is to make sure we can answer our customer’s questions and to make sure our customers get the right products for their needs.

ZA: Thank you to Vahid and staff for taking the time to speak with us, and allowing us into their store for photo ops!

For more information about New Age Health Foods, check out their site, or to see a feature about the store, click on the following link, in which New Age was featured in their local news: