Reach Out! Our Commitment To You

June 15, 2023

Accessing customer support at a big company is routinely an exercise of intense frustration. If you can even find a phone number, it’s all too common to be greeted by a robotic message, an impossible tree of extensions and then wait on hold until the call is dropped.

At Zenbev, we know that sleep is a complicated issue affecting everyone uniquely and we make it our priority to address our customer’s concerns from the outset. Our mission to help you obtain good, natural sleep with Zenbev Drink Mix begins and ends with customer success. Our experienced support staff strives to reflect this fact with every order taken and question answered.

As a small company, your input makes a world difference to us. We understand that Zenbev is different, and with that may come with questions. Our goal is to answer each and every one of your questions about Zenbev (whether by email, phone or direct message on our socials) and show you just how easy better sleep truly is! The very fact that no other product in the world is like Zenbev means that you can’t easily assume or know all the ins and outs. We get that and we want to help ensure your unique situation and your specific questions are responded to. If Zenbev is not for you, we’ll tell you that, too. We created Zenbev, we tested it, we launched it in many countries…we’ve been doing this for 20 years! We’ve heard every question and we know the answers. We are the source and we get ‘direct’!

You may find that larger companies make their support lines deliberately difficult to find. On all of our communications, however, our number is prominently featured to ensure that you can reach us easily. When you do call us, we make sure our customers are not only greeted warmly, but with clarity and professionalism by a real person, not a bot. At Zenbev, we take both orders and questions on the phone and email, ensuring we remain accessible through all channels including our social media channels. If we are busy, you can be certain that we will call you back as soon as possible. After all, we are a dedicated team that is committed to our customer’s success. No robots here!

Some of our products even come with built-in support. Take our Sleep Sound Bundle, for example. This is one of our best selling items because of all the added value beyond the 750g bag of Zenbev Drink Mix. When you purchase the Sleep Sound Bundle you actually receive the Sleep Sound Program complete with one on one support from one of our sleep experts. The timing is up to you. Let us know what you need and we speak directly to you about your unique issues and let you know our expert, targeted recommendations.

Transparency and openness are essential to our mission at Zenbev. The same philosophy applies to our social media accounts, direct messages, and emails. We aim to respond to each inquiry promptly and with care. Don’t be shy if you have concerns or questions! We appreciate your comments and testimonials, too. We love talking about Zenbev and our story and so we encourage you to reach out to us and discuss any aspect of our company and its products.

We are only a phone call, a DM or an email away 😊