5 Ways to Start Sleeping More and Better

April 25, 2024

We all want to get that edge and feel we are moving things forward instead of sliding back. That pressure can, however, cause us to cheat on sleep or create stressors that inhibit sleep, either of which stand the chance of working against self-improvement. Instead of cutting corners with your sleep, take it in hand today, tonight. It’s easier than you think!

Here are 5 sure ways to improve your sleep right away, tonight in fact. Even if you work hard on just one of them, your sleep will improve in quality and amount. Often the best part of making improvements is getting a good start. The momentum will kick in when you begin to see success. Start now, start here.

  1. Reduce Screen Time Before Bed. Screens are the #1 sleep chaser. Not only is your brain activated by what you are watching, the light emitted from the screen keeps sending messages to your brain that it is daytime. Instead, you would be better served to send the message to your brain that now is wind down to sleep time. Take a bath, read a magazine, write in a journal, think about a relaxing activity that makes sense to you. Set your alarm and put the phone or tablet or television away/off at least an hour before you want to sleep.
  2. Set a Regular Sleep and Wake Time. Our brains are not as flexible as we might like. They do a lot for us but when it comes to sleep, they work better when sleep and wake times are consistent. Aim to get to bed at a reasonable time that works for you and wake up at the same time. Try for at least 7 hours as less than 6 hours per night can affect your health. Make this a priority and a pattern.
  3. Make your Sleep Space as Dark as Possible. Light, whether via screens, lightbulbs or natural, can keep you awake. Take a look at the room you sleep in. Can you make it darker? Can you keep light blocked from the window? Can you reduce light-emitting technology from this room? Your brain produces natural melatonin in direct proportion to dark. The more light, the less your brain will make on its own.
  4. No Bedtime Snacking. Eating and drinking right before bed can keep the body busy with digestion rather than settling into optimal resting. The goal is to spend 7 – 8 hours in bed with the least amount spent in wakefulness. Studies have demonstrated that restricting eating and drinking for 4-5 hours before bed substantially improves this sleep efficiency which is the best indicator of enough quality sleep.
  5. Work Zenbev into your Sleep Routine. Zenbev Drink Mix, the best natural sleep aid, will help you get your sleep duration and quality back on track. Make a warm, delicious cup of Zenbev the start of your new sleep routine and set yourself up for natural, healthy sleep. Zenbev is clinically proven to help you fall asleep, reduce the number of times you awaken in the night, and to get you back to sleep faster if you do wake up.

However you make changes, you can improve your sleep with a bit of planning and effort. Some or all of these changes will reward you with better and longer sleep. More quality sleep sets you up for a much better day and sets in motion health benefits that will continue to improve your life quality. All it takes is for you to start. Why not start tonight?