Do you Respect your Circadian Rhythms?

May 22, 2024

Sometimes it is tempting to think if we can’t see something, that it doesn’t exist. Our lives are busy and fragmented and the concrete things seem to grab our attention and make sense. Although the “why’s” may not seem to matter, there are times when understanding something makes a big difference. Circadian Rhythm function is one of these important mechanisms that, once understood, creates a clarifying context for our ability to manage our overall health and wellbeing.

What are Circadian Rhythms?

Essentially, Circadian Rhythms act as our body’s biological timekeeper. It’s not just about time, though. They are natural settings that establish an inner schedule for us, help us sleep and wake, regulate appetite and body temperature release hormones, all at the right time. Circadian Rhythms are attuned to light and dark, day and night. They help us create the all-important sleep and wake patterns but are also sensitive to factors that upset our patterns.

How do they work?

In humans and animals, there is a highly complex system of proteins and genes located in various glands and organs that control numerous minor clocks in our bodies. These clocks, and the rhythms in our body in turn, are controlled by a Master clock. This is important to the timing of important bodily functioning like turning food into energy, adjusting body temperature, setting the stage for sleep, and sending important chemicals and messages to parts of the body so functional balance is maintained. The complexity is highly organized and meticulous, but potentially vulnerable at the same time.

Do Circadian Rhythms adapt or stay the same?

Similar to the wind up clocks of old, our body’s time clock needs to be reset every day. Fortunately, this normally happens when we wake up and our brains are exposed to light. Our Circadian Rhythm is not, however, neatly tied to the 24 hour day, moving seamlessly with the sun and moon. Studies have demonstrated that without the external cues, our natural rhythms tend to run around 24 ¼ hours. This means that we are always slightly shifting our natural clock. We use external cues and timed schedules we keep in our lives to gently nudge the body to stay on track and keep in line with the important functions they are carrying out in our bodies. You see where this is going!

What happens when Circadian Rhythms are Disrupted?

We get into trouble when we get out of sync with our various clocks and rhythms or attempt to consistently override them. Shift work, crossing time zones, stress, excess light exposure from screens and crazy schedules can cause havoc with these finely tuned rhythms. The body is adept at adjusting to the environment and change, but there is a limit. The sleep-wake cycle is a very important aspect of Circadian Rhythms.  With the interdependence of all these little clocks, once the sleep rhythms are affected, there is a cascade of other systems experiencing fallout. Health and well-being, emotional and physical, can be seriously hampered.

How do you keep Circadian Rhythms on track?

Good sleep hygiene is the best way to regulate your sleep and keep your body clocks in balance. This is why we talk about keeping a consistent sleep pattern.  Go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time. Consistency is good for your brain and resets healthy patterns. Reduce screens before bed to give the brain the signal that it’s time for sleep. This allows the natural rhythms to take over and shift many parts of your brain and body towards normal sleep. Respect for your Circadian Rhythms is good for your sleep!

How can Zenbev Help?

Zenbev Drink Mix is a great friend to Circadian Rhythms everywhere! When your sleep is off kilter and you need a reset, Zenbev is the most natural way to get your sleep back on track. Zenbev is the best natural sleep aid that works with your body to set the natural sleep process in motion, allowing you to fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and rapidly regulate your sleep patterns.

In a world of visual distractions, the abstract can take a back seat. With the understanding of the importance of Circadian Rhythms in your body, it’s time to show them the respect they deserve instead of stressing them out. Keep your Master clock in top shape with the help of Zenbev.