Dedication to Modern-day Moms

May 11, 2023

When it comes to Mothers Day, you might be wondering if we should really separate out Mothers and Fathers Days at all.  Aren’t the lines blurred enough now?  Maybe it should just be one recognition of Parents Day now. Or, maybe not.

Mothers continue to require a definite shout out. Along with advancement over the past 30-40 years have been added demands. Traditionally, fathers earned the money and tossed a football around and took care of outside chores. Women, on the other hand and in most cultures, took care of the inner realm: the nurturing, the disciplining, the food, the cleaning, the laundry, the organizing of family life and the social and emotional details that help the family function and thrive. Now that women are firmly in the workforce and men are stepping up to assist fully with childrearing and many non-traditional roles, how are we faring?

Well, not as well as you might think. Although distribution of household tasks has trended more equally since 1996, a recent Gallup survey demonstrates that the landscape is still not equal enough in the United States. Women continue to consistently be more responsible for the cooking and cleaning and men for the car repairs. Perhaps this is by choice but perhaps it still takes longer to wash out.

No wonder Moms are stressed. Not only are they holding down demanding jobs but they are still providing primary care as well as being responsible for most of the household tasks. In addition, women in the age category between 35-55 are dealing with demands of motherhood on one side and aging parents requiring more care on the other.  This is referred to as the Sandwich Generation, the stage of life  when demands from both sides cause a squeeze that is at times impossible to juggle, leading to even more stress. According to the American Psychology Association, 40% of Moms in this age bracket experience periods of “extreme stress”.

No wonder. Mothers tend to be more nurturing, and studies have backed this up, so the tasks that require more of this quality are bound to place more demands. With the addition of work responsibilities, more childcare and household duties and extended family members requiring more time and attention, it stands to reason that the Moms feel the squeeze resulting in higher stress.

Many Moms take on these tasks willingly, mind you, and support others out of love and concern, not resentment. Still, it is all the more reason to recognize this and acknowledge the time and energy Moms devote to those in their orbit.

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We’re not trying to turn this into a competition. Everyone is stressed these days and both mothers and fathers are doing their best and trying to figure out how things work best for their families. There is still work to be done, however, and it helps to raise these issues and discuss them so we can all help each other. However, as it stands now, honorable mention still goes to Mom!