Sleeping in a Strange Bed

juli 26, 2023

Summer is a time to relax and (hopefully) take some time off to reconnect with the important things in life. Often this includes spending more time with family and friends in different environments. This should be something to look forward to and enjoy, but for some people, the worry about sleeping in a strange bed can cause enough worry and stress that they decide to stay home.

We are creatures of habit. When we spend so much of our lives in bed, the body becomes adjusted to associating sleep with a familiar setting. For those of us who may struggle with occasional sleeplessness but manage to get at least a regular 6-7 hours of sleep a night, this is something you don’t take for granted, especially if you’ve gone through a rough patch where you were not sleeping well.

Sleeping in a strange bed, be it a hotel bed, a cottage bed, granny’s couch or a sleeping bag can really disrupt this level of comfort that has become ingrained by sleeping in a familiar bed. Lack of comfort is just one of the disruptors. Strange sounds, inadequate curtains, spooky thoughts, upended schedules can all contribute to knocking you off balance when it comes to welcoming sleep.

Don’t let these worries convince you, however, that it’s better to call off your visit. A little planning and preparation is all that you need to be able to sleep in any strange place. First, pack your Zenbev Drink Mix with you. Take your jar of Zenbev along or put some powder in a small container for easy packing. Start to take Zenbev a few nights before you go and while you are there. Zenbev has a way of cutting through the distractions and naturally puts your brain to deep, restful sleep. It can help push through sleep resistance caused by strange environments and stimuli.

Pay attention to these other factors to help Zenbev get you sleeping anywhere:

  • Try to maintain a similar sleep schedule. It may shift slightly but try to control big swings;
  • Pack your BioDark sleep mask kit with earplugs to control light and sound;
  • Avoid excessive alcohol consumption before bed;
  • Watch for hidden caffeine in food that may be different for you;
  • Bring a familiar pillow or something else from your bed that reminds you of home

With a bit of planning and the help of Zenbev, you can literally sleep anywhere! Make the most out of your summer by being with the people you care about and doing fun things. Zenbev will take care of your sleep so you can make the very best memories!