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Category: Recipes

13 Apr

Zenbev® Granola Bars

Zenbev® Granola Bars These granola bars make a great quick snack for on the go – it’s handy to keep a stash in the freezer for easy and quick snacks. Zenbev® is combined with healthy…

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11 Apr

Zenbev® Guacamole

Zenbev® Guacamole This Zenbev® infused take on everyone’s favourite dip remains fairly true to the classic recipe, just with the addition of lemon Zenbev®, which thickens the dip slightly. Filled with green power, healthy fats…

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06 Apr

Zenbev® Banana Ice Cream

Zenbev® Banana Ice Cream This fun take on ice cream simply uses frozen bananas and milk to create a thick, soft serve like texture and feel like ice cream. Combined with Chocolate Zenbev®, this is…

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