Sleeping in Stressful Times

Restful sleep often seems elusive at the best of times. Add economic, workplace or personal stress into the mix and suddenly, increased difficulty in sleeping turns a bad situation worse. Proper sleep allows us to recuperate and operate at maximum efficiency the next day. It is paradoxical, then, that at times when we most need […]

The Dangers of Getting Addicted to Sleeping Pills

When most people think of a pill addiction, sleeping pills are not usually their first thought. The seemingly innocuous nature of this sleep aid is what makes the risk of addiction all the more dangerous. There are three categories that sleeping pills, also known as ‘hypnotics,’ can belong to: benzodiazepines, non-benzodiazepines, and the less commonly […]

Resetting Your Sleep Patterns for Spring

Spring is just around the corner! In many regions, including North America and the United Kingdom this time of year also marks the start of Daylights Savings Time. Springing forward we gain more daylight, but lose an hour of sleep.   Does More Daylight Mean Less Sleep? This transition can be tough, even for the […]