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Zenbev Drink Mix is comprised of a natural source tryptophan derived from organic pumpkin seeds. Tryptophan, an essential amino acid our bodies only get from food sources, is light sensitive and metabolizes differently in light vs. dark conditions. When taken during the day, Zenbev's tryptophan becomes serotonin, which regulates mood, emotion, and appetite, and is well known to alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression. When taken at night, the tryptophan turns into serotonin, which then metabolizes into melatonin, a hormone that activates the brain’s sleep mechanisms.

Tryptophan Paradox Diagram

Our brains are designed to regulate the production of melatonin properly so that just the right amount is used to promote sleep throughout the night. Because Zenbev effectively coaxes the body to produce melatonin within the natural chemistry of our brain, it preserves natural sleep architecture and ensures safe and deep sleep. As the brain produces the exact amount of melatonin that it requires, the body is primed for a natural, restful sleep. Melatonin, properly regulated by our brains, dissipates after exposure to light, eliminating feelings of drowsiness as well as the risk of dependence or tolerance.

Though pumpkin seeds are the main food ingredients in Zenbev's formulation, when ingested alone they are not a sufficient source of tryptophan. This is due to intense competition from other amino acids, which are also part of pumpkin seed protein, for access to transport sites across the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB). Zenbev's natural source of tryptophan is combined with other precise ingredients that help it to function optimally. A small amount of a high glycemic index (GI) carbohydrate is specifically included in the formulation. Its role is to combine with the other amino acids and shunt them toward the liver, thus leaving tryptophan, which is largely protein-bound, with a clear advantage to get into the brain.

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Take at night for insomnia, and in the morning for anxiety.

Start at 1 scoop for three nights. Mix with warm water or your favorite non-caffeinated beverage. Chocolate Zenbev should be mixed in milk, rice milk, soy milk or almond milk for optimal taste. For those who are avoiding liquids before bed, mix with applesauce. Take one half hour before bedtime and do something calming and relaxing (i.e. not mentally stimulating) before retiring to bed. After three nights increase the dosage as necessary allowing three more nights to achieve the desired effect. Continue to increase as necessary.

Two scoops are usually sufficient for most clients, however some individuals require more. Though individual requirements are not directly associated with body mass, each person’s biochemistry is different. It usually takes a few doses before its optimal benefit is seen and it continues to work for a few days/nights after it was last taken. One way of optimizing this benefit is to take Zenbev for 5-7 days/nights and then stop it for 2-3 days/nights before resuming again in a similar pattern. Zenbev can be taken safely on a daily basis. Make sure you are taking a B-complex multivitamin as tryptophan will metabolize to vitamin B3 if your body is deficient.

To overcome insomnia with Zenbev, remember to also take these 6 simple steps to recover your sleep:

  • Sleep in a dark room
  • Remove televisions, radios and computers from bedroom
  • Sleep in a room with a comfortable room temperature
  • Maintain regular sleep hours
  • Take a daily multivitamin that contains B3 & B6

   Is there a risk of becoming dependent on Zenbev to fall asleep?

No. Almost all sleep drugs are associated with either dependence (the need to continue with the medication or the experience of “rebound” insomnia when it is discontinued) or tolerance (requiring an increased dosage to maintain the same effect) because these drugs override the brain’s natural sleep chemistry. Zenbev does not cause dependence or tolerance because it works with the brain’s natural sleep chemistry. It is the brain that decides how much is required and when. As a result the normal brain chemistry is maintained.

   Isn’t tryptophan banned by the FDA, and can it be taken safely?

Tryptophan is an essential amino acid, meaning that the body cannot produce it and must ingest it through a food source. Our bodies require tryptophan as the precursor to serotonin, a hormone that regulates sleep, mood and appetite. 15-years ago, pharmaceutical-grade tryptophan was banned by the FDA due to the contamination of a batch synthetically sourced from genetically modifying a bacterium. This process was discontinued and synthetic tryptophan has remained available by prescription in Canada. Zenbev, however, is comprised of a natural source of tryptophan derived from organic pumpkin seeds, and formulated to be easily assimilated by the body. According to Health Canada, amino acids present in a protein configuration are not considered to be drugs; and therefore would not be considered to be subject to special measures as per the DIN (Drug Identification Number) Enforcement Directive and the Therapeutic Products Compliance Guide.

   Does Zenbev have side effects?

It takes about thirty minutes for circulating melatonin to become inactive after the sun rises or lights are turned on. During that time there may be drowsiness, which subsides and does not interfere with daytime functioning. Zenbev also contains organic dextrose. Diabetics taking Zenbev should be aware that 2 tablespoons contains the same amount of carbohydrate as one slice of dry toast. Finally, patients taking drugs that already cause drowsiness, such as antidepressants (pharmaceutical grade or natural such a St. John’s Wort) or lithium, should avoid Zenbev.

   Will It Knock Me Out?

No. Zenbev does not override the brain’s own natural sleep chemistry; it allows the brain to produce as much or as little melatonin as it needs. As noted above, melatonin takes approximately ½ hour to leave the body after first light, so there may be a holdover sleepiness of about that amount of time.

   How does Zenbev compare to other drugs for treating insomnia?

Zenbev is the only sleep aid that works within the brain’s own natural sleep chemistry. It allows the body to produce melatonin but does not override the natural sleep chemistry as melatonin itself might. It also enhances the 5-stages of sleep whereas other sleep aids including prescription drugs and OTC antihistamines actually suppress deep sleep (stages 3&4) as well as REM (dream) sleep.

   Can I use Zenbev every day or night?

Yes, but it may not be necessary since there is a positive effect for a few days after one stops Zenbev. The best rule of thumb is that it takes a few doses before its optimal benefit is seen and it continues to work for a few days/ nights after it was last taken. One way of optimizing this benefit is to take Zenbev for 5-7 days/ nights and then stop it for 2-3 days/ nights. If you prefer to take it every day, however, there is no difficulty with that approach.

   Who should avoid taking Zenbev?

Those who plan to drive or operate heavy machinery at night should not take Zenbev before doing so. If you are pregnant or nursing a child, you should consult your physician. Those taking antidepressants, including St. John’s Wort and/or lithium should not take Zenbev. If you are diabetic as mentioned earlier, please consult the nutritional panel and your doctor.

   What if it doesn’t work?

It takes anywhere from three days/nights to one week to notice the effects so it is important to persevere and give Zenbev a good long trial. If you get to the end of the jar and are feeling that it is not helping you or if you are unsatisfied with Zenbev for any reason, please return it to the place where you purchased it, with your receipt, for a full refund. If you have any questions about Zenbev as you are taking it feel free to email us at info@biosential.com.

**For more questions and concerns, contact us at info@biosential.com or call our toll free number at 1-800-735-4538.

Zenbev has hundreds of happy customers. Here are what a few of them have said:

"My sleep has improved in ways I never thought possible and my anxiety is also manageable. I no longer take sleep medication or anxiety medication. You have a great product! I will be a customer for life."

— Alex, Brandon MB


"My Mom ordered some Zenbev, and yesterday she reported that she’s had 7 straight days of wondrous sleep! She’s so enthused about it that she told a friend, who already ordered some, and most of my family. My mom is on fire about it! THANK YOU for making this product available — she really needed this!"

— Kent, Menomonie MN


It took some experimenting to find exactly the right dosage of Zenbev, but now I am able to fall asleep almost instantly every night, and I get a good 8 hours of sleep. The quality of my life has improved dramatically! I would never have believed this was possible a year ago."

— Kirby, Brampton ON


"I tried Zenbev because it is an all natural product. What a wonderful surprise! For the first time in it seemed like years, I slept like a baby. After about a week, I noticed another unexpected benefit: my pains which used to wake me up during the night were about 80% less and I had no sleep hangover in the morning!"

— Marianne, Toronto ON