Zenbev – All Canadian Success Story

Happy Canada Day!

Did you know that Biosential is an all-Canadian company and Zenbev was developed locally?

Although Zenbev’s reach extends to the United States, Scandinavia and Europe, not many people appreciate that this success story is 100% Canadian!

Founded in Stratford, Ontario in 1999, Biosential Inc. is a biotechnology company with a focus on addressing common conditions and has dedicated itself to scientific research and product innovation for the past 20 years.

Who Are We?

Biosential is a science-first company, with a passion for improving the quality of life of those dealing with conditions that can interfere with overall health and sleep quality.

As a result of this passion for innovation and research, we launched our first science-based solution, Zenbev – a powdered drink mix that triggers the body’s natural serotonin and melatonin production with the help of a food-based source of tryptophan from pumpkinseeds.

How Zenbev Came to Be

The all-natural sleep aid that our customers have come to love and rely on did not materialize overnight. In fact, it took 7 years of research and development to get the formula just right.

After rigorous clinical trials that deemed the formulation to be an effective natural insomnia treatment, Zenbev was officially launched into the market in 2004.

The Canadian physician who developed the sleep supplement was inspired by the complaints about insomnia made by patients in his clinical practice. For many of them, sleeping pills and other sleep aids were simply not cutting it – leaving them with more sleep issues than they started with.

It was from there that the journey began. The goal was to create a product that had a similar effect to sleeping pills, but maintained the biological integrity of food products; a sleep solution that would not lead to tolerance or dependence.

Only containing 5 recognizable ingredients (that people can actually pronounce), Zenbev has been, and will always be, a great, effective, safe choice for those looking to achieve quality sleep the natural way.

What’s Next From Here?

As our community grows, so do our Zenbev products options. Most recently, our Sleep Sound Program was added to our shop. The Sleep Sound Program was developed in response to the growing number of customers who are looking for that extra bit of support from a sleep specialist on their sleep health journey.

Investing in one’s personal health can be a pretty major undertaking. Here at Zenbev, we want to ensure that our customers never feel alone in their journey. That’s why we are committed to developing excellent customer service and more experiences that are interactive and targeted to the individual.

Stay Tuned!

Now, we’d like to learn more about you! If you’re new to our community, drop us a line at [email protected] and let us know what brought you to Zenbev. Or, check out our Facebook and Instagram pages @zenbevsleep for lots of great information, recipes and discussion.

There are so many exciting things ahead for Zenbev and the other new proprietary products that are currently in the development stage. We’re grateful to our loyal customer base and are always happy to connect with you and grateful when you recommend Zenbev to family and friends as the best over the counter sleep aid there is!

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