Our Sleep Sound Program

We’re here to help get your sleep back on track!

Our exclusive program is scientifically designed to include everything you need to promote healthy sleep and naturally manage your insomnia! It’s more than just a product, we offer 1:1 personalized support to you throughout your journey to a better night’s sleep!

Here’s what you get with our new 3-month program:

  • 75 servings | 75-night supply of your flavour choice
  • 1:1 support with a Sleep Expert
  • BioDark Sleep Mask Kit to ensure proper light conditions
  • Shaker cup for easy mixing
  • Exclusive access to our sleep apps and weekly webinars
  • No commitment beyond the 3-month program
  • Free shipping, as always!

All to help you catch those ZZZzzzzzzs!

CAD $74.99 or Just 3 Payments of CAD $24.99

It’s a food powder, not a pill!

From years of research on natural brain chemistry, Zenbev provides your body with the ingredients it needs to stimulate natural melatonin production. Our clinically proven formulation was developed by a doctor to promote a healthy, natural sleep. Zenbev works gently and effectively to preserve and enhance all 5 stages of sleep so you can fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and wake up refreshed again!


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How Does Zenbev Work?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Program FAQ:

How does the Sleep Sound Program work?

Once you have made your purchase and ordered the Sleep Sound Program you will receive all you need to get started in the mail. You will be contacted by one of our Customer Care team members to help get you started on the right path. If you wish, further support arrangements can be made to schedule regular check ins with a sleep specialist.

Am I locked into anything after the 3-month program?

No. Once your 3 payments are complete you will not be charged anything further.

Is my credit card information safe/secure?

Your information is completely safe! We DO NOT store your credit card information and use one of the industry’s most reliable payment processors.

Zenbev FAQ:

Is Zenbev a drug?

No. It is an all-natural food made from organic pumpkinseeds, dextrose, guar gum, rice starch, and natural flavour.

Does Zenbev have any side effects?

Zenbev has no side effects as it is a completely natural product that works with your body, not against. Please note, it does take about 30 minutes for the circulating melatonin to become inactive after the sun rises or lights are turned on. During that time there may be drowsiness, which subsides upon exposure to light and does not interfere with daytime functioning.

How does Zenbev compare to other insomnia treatments?

Zenbev is unique. It is the only sleep aid that works within your brain’s own natural sleep chemistry. It provides your body with the ingredients it needs to naturally produce its own melatonin throughout the night. This allows Zenbev to improve all 5-stages of the sleep-cycle, whereas other sleep aids, including prescription drugs and OTC antihistamines, actually suppress the deep-sleep stages (3&4) as well as REM (dream) sleep!

Is there a risk of becoming dependent on Zenbev to fall asleep?

No. Almost all sleep drugs are associated with either dependence or tolerance because they synthetically override the brain’s natural sleep chemistry. Zenbev does not cause dependence or tolerance because it works within the brain’s natural sleep chemistry and maintains the body’s normal processes as recognized food ingredients. You can stop Zenbev at anytime with no ill effects.

Will it knock me out?

No. Zenbev does not work like the other sleep aids. Zenbev allows your brain to produce as much natural melatonin as it needs to ensure you get a deep, restful sleep throughout the night by promoting and supporting normal sleep architecture. You may find that you still wake up at times but Zenbev has proven in studies to significantly reduce the number of times waking up and the amount of time spent awake in the night.

Can I use Zenbev if I am taking an anti-depressant?

Yes, but it is best to do so under the supervision of your prescribing physician.

Who should avoid taking Zenbev?

Do not take Zenbev if you have been diagnosed with Lupus. Those who plan to drive or operate heavy machinery at night should not take Zenbev before doing so. If you are diabetic, please consult the nutritional panel and your doctor. Zenbev is not recommended for children under 16 years of age, or pregnant or nursing women.


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