What is ZenBev drink mix and how will it help you combat insomnia?

Dr. Craig Hudson, MD | March 13, 2017

ZenBev drink mix is one of the products that we offer to help those struggling with sleep loss, effective solutions for restful sleep. It is an all-natural beverage mix that can be used as a healthy alternative to sleeping pills and similar medications. It has been clinically proven to promote restful sleep. 

What Is ZenBev Drink Mix?

The primary ingredient in the ZenBev drink mix is organic pumpkin seeds. The seeds are cold pressed to drain the oil and then ground down into a fine powder, which is referred to as pumpkinseed flour. The drink mix also contains dextrose, rice starch and guar gum. These ingredients are 100 percent organic and vegan.

Why Does ZenBev Drink Mix Work?

The active ingredient in the ZenBev drink mix is the pumpkinseed flour. Pumpkin seeds are considered a good source of tryptophan, a key component in serotonin production. Tryptophan is an amino acid that is used by the body in the production of niacin, which is then used to make serotonin, among other things. Boosting the levels of serotonin in the body is a desirable result because high serotonin levels means the level of melatonin also increases. Melatonin, of course, is the hormone that regulates the sleep cycle. Serotonin has the additional benefit of alleviating stress and anxiety.

How to Use ZenBev Drink Mix for Insomnia

The ZenBev drink mix is safe to use daily. To get the most benefit out of the drink mix we recommend the following regimen:

  • Mix 1 scoop with your choice of milk, warm water, apple sauce or any non-caffeinated drink. Do this 30 minutes before bed for three consecutive nights.
  • After the first three nights you can gradually increase the dosage until you achieve the desired results. Most people find 2 scoops to be ideal. However, the optimal dose will depend on each individual’s body chemistry and metabolism.
  • After you have determined the optimal dosage, continue taking the drink mix in a pattern of 5-7 nights on, and 2-3 nights off. The body continues to harness the benefits of the drink mix for a few days after each dose.
  • Taking a B-complex multivitamin is also recommended.

ZenBev drink mixes are available in two flavors, lemon and chocolate. There are also multiple sizes to choose from.  Head over to our product page to see the full line of drink mixes and the other delicious sleep aids we offer.