Three "Different" Ways to Beat Insomnia including Catnip, Roses and ASMR

Dr. Craig Hudson, MD | November 21, 2016

When conventional methods fail to get your insomnia and sleep deprivation under control, it may be time to turn to a few unconventional solutions.

Here are three methods that we recommend to start you off:

A Brew of Catnip Tea

In cats, catnip can spark a bout of excitement and playfulness. In humans however, the effect can be quite the opposite.

Can you believe it? Catnip is perfectly safe for human consumption and has a long history of being used as a tonic for various human ailments, including insomnia. It is commonly brewed into a tea.

To treat insomnia, it is recommended that catnip tea be brewed before bed. The drowsiness caused by the tea should not take long to take effect.

Stop and Smell the Roses

Roses, or really any soothing scent should do. Lavender and jasmine petals are also suitable choices. Some people find keeping freshly cut flowers in the bedroom is most effective, while others prefer to put out bowls of flower petals around the room.

If purchasing bouquets of fragrant flowers is not in your weekly budget, turn to essential oils as a cost effective alternative. The bottles may be small, but you only need a few drops of oil to get the full effect. Drops of oil dabbed on a cloth or on your pillow can be more than enough.

Just remember to breathe deeply and allow the scent to wash over you.

The Weird and Wonderful World of ASMR

Pull up In the search bar type in “ASMR” and you will be directed to a series of videos created by ASMR artist or “ASMRists.” ASMR, or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, refers to a sense of euphoria relaxation that is often described as a tingling sensation that begins at the scalp and moves down towards the base of the head and down the spine and throughout the rest of the body. The trigger for this sensation is a very specific combination of audio and visual cues. The exploration and development of ASMR techniques is credited to the ASMR Artists of YouTube.

Similar to white noise machines, ASMR videos have earned a reputation as an effective sleep aid among ASMR enthusiasts. There are even videos dedicated to helping viewers get to sleep. Artists use a combination of soft speaking, interesting sounds and soothing visuals to trigger the tingling sensation.

The range of ASMR videos is quite large with many creators in the community focusing on certain specialties, which is great news for viewers, because what one person finds effective, might not work for someone else. While some find watching someone prepare and eat a meal soothing, others find the sound of bushes and crinkling paper more effective. Explore the arrays videos available to find what appeals to you.

Is this unconventional for you? Test out these three ideas to find out!

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