Pre-bedtime rituals to kick-start your night’s sleep

Dr. Craig Hudson, MD | March 18, 2016

We’ve all been there. It’s inching later and later into the night (or early morning), and after hours of tossing and turning you’re starting to become anxious — what if you actually don’t fall asleep tonight?

Whether insomnia hits you on a regular basis or just every once in a blue moon, it’s extremely frustrating and the consequences can be even more so; so to prevent it from happening again tonight — or ever — we have put together a list of our best pro tips for catching some serious Z’s. 

Give these pre-bedtime rituals a try to earn a better night’s sleep. 

Unplug at least an hour before you hit the hay

We know — scrolling through Instagram has probably become a nightly routine as you put yourself to bed. But studies have shown that your glowing phone, tablet or computer screen is suppressing your melatonin levels, preventing sleep. Give your brain an hour or so to wind down after taking care of all those posts and emails. 

Regulate your room’s temperature 

Some of us like to sleep in warmth while others prefer a cooler slumber. Whatever feels best to you, be sure to regulate your room’s temperature prior to retiring for the night. Set the thermostat to your ideal temperature and make sure it stays regulated like that throughout your sleep. 

Try not to eat within three hours before you head to bed

This pocket of time gives your body the time to stomach down your dinner, and you won’t be kept up tossing and turning because of indigestion. But if you find you’re about to go to bed hungry, grab a snack that has protein and complex carbs — nothing with protein or sugar. This will satisfy you without waking up your body too much.

Sleep in total darkness

Whether it be the light of your phone, clock, computer or TV, a totally dark room will enhance your sleep. Exposure to room light prior to and during bedtime has been shows to shorten melatonin duration and levels. Optimize your sleep by turning all your gadgets off and turning clocks over and away from plain sight. 

…and finally; 

Add a scoop of Zenbev Drink Mix to a glass of milk or water half an hour before bedtime

Zenbev is comprised of a natural source of tryptophan, an essential amino acid that’s derived from organic pumpkin seeds. When added to a nighttime drink, Zenbev’s tryptophan turns into serotonin, which then metabolizes into melatonin, a hormone that activates the brain’s sleep mechanisms. Try it with your favourite milk or warm water, or if you’re avoiding liquids at nighttime, stir it into some applesauce. Avoid stimulating activities for the next half hour, then prepare to sink into an extremely restful sleep. 

…and there you have it. Try these five sleep-enhancing methods to optimize your night’s sleep.