5 Ways to Attain Better Sleep During the Holiday Season

Dr. Craig Hudson, MD | December 22, 2016

This holiday season, be sure keep your sleep routine on track with these helpful tips for getting restful sleep while the holiday festivities are in full swing.

1. Invest in a comfortable pillow

Whether you are visiting family and friends or hosting them, now is a good time to get yourself a comfortable pillow. Pillows, like beds, collect dust mites and bacteria, so replacing them frequently is a good idea.

Shop around and test out different styles, because every person has different needs. Just make sure it is breathable and supportive.

2. Make time to de-stress

Many people find the holidays to be a stressful time, but it is important to remember that this is also a time to relax with family and friends. Make an effort to include activities in your holiday schedule that you enjoy doing.

This could mean indulging in a few holiday foods and watching holiday movies or treating yourself to a spa day. It can also be as simple as spending a few minutes meditating to gather your thoughts.

3. Keep working out

Life can get busy during the holidays, and one of the first activities many people give up is exercising. A regular workout can promote deeper sleep, but if you find it hard to sneak away from the festivities to get in an hour at the gym, try incorporating physical activity into the celebrations. Activities like skiing, building a snowman, going for a walk or playing with the dogs are just a few examples of some holiday-friendly ways to break a sweat.

4. Tone down the drinking

Alcohol is often an integral part of holiday celebrations. The temptation to overindulge is hard to resist. While a little indulgence is okay, excessive drinking will more than likely disrupt your REM sleep and reduce the restorative quality of sleep. Alcohol in moderation, and not consumed immediately before bed, should keep your sleep cycle intact.

5. Shut off your holiday light show before bed

Just like your tablet’s screen, holiday lights can make it very difficult for your body to produce melatonin. If you have outdoor lights that hang outside your bedroom windows, make sure you either have heavy blinds that can block them out or shut them off before your house turns in for the night.

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