About Biosential


Biosential Inc. is a private Canadian Corporation based in Toronto, Ontario. Founded in 1999, Biosential was established to develop, test and deliver high quality consumer products that bridge the gap between medicine and natural health. In the late 1990’s Dr. Craig Hudson -a University of Toronto trained Medical Doctor and Psychiatrist- and his wife Susan Hudson began testing seeds that were high in the amino acid tryptophan with the aim to develop a food product that mimicked the effects of medications but was completely safe, non-addictive and efficacious. They launched Zenbev Drink Mix in Canada in 2004 after 7 years of research, development and clinical trials. A year later Zenbev was available in 5 European countries with steady growth and new markets opening in many parts of the world.

Respect for nature, science and the efficient workings of the human body are at the core of Biosential research. The products developed and represented by Biosential must be based on rigorous, proven science and provide a unique benefit to consumers. Biosential only carries products that have been tested in well-designed clinical trials with results published in established, peer-reviewed journals. Many of these products have been proven unique by a demanding patenting process protecting the intellectual property of Biosential. This level of protection ensures that these proven formulations and products cannot be easily copied with substandard ingredients or questionable properties. The researchers at Biosential stand behind the health benefit and quality of all the products they represent so that we can say with confidence that they are truly created by nature, delivered by science.